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Interested in Summer Shape Up 2015 programs and events?

Email Jennifer Ray at jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu to be notified as new information is made available!




When are challenges posted?

Challenges are posted every Friday.  Every participant that has signed up will receive an email blast with that week’s challenge information. Additionally, participants can check the Summer Shape Up Facebook page and the website under “Challenges” for information.

How do I earn points?

Each challenge is assigned a maximum point value and your posting(s) determine the number of points you receive for that week. The maximum value is to prevent overtraining in order to amass large amounts of points. We want ever SSU member to have fun and focus less on achieving the highest number of points and more on achieving personal bests!

How do I know how many points I have?

Each week, a member of our team will tally each participant’s points for that week and keep it on file. No other participant knows another’s earned points. If you qualify for prizes, I will contact you directly.

How do I let you know what I’m doing?

Share your challenge success by submitting a photo, comment, and/or details via email or Facebook.

Email: wellness.center@vanderbilt.edu

Facebook: Summer ShapeUp

Example: “I wanted to reach the 100 steps goal for Thursday so I parked at the back of the parking lot and walked a bit further into work. I logged fifty more steps in no time!” (picture attachment or not)

*You can post/email everyday or once a week, up to you. Points are totaled at the end of every week (Sunday/Monday) so just have them in by then and you’re all done.

Can I count group fitness class outside of the VRWC toward my Aerobics Challenge?

Yes! Although we do encourage you to check our extensive listing of group fitness classes!

What about privacy?

All comments and pictures shared over social media are subject to public viewing. Emails are kept 100% confidential. If you do not want your comments or photos shared publically, please email me at jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu to remove your name from posting and/or set your sharing to “none”.

*Note: The purpose of SSU is to inspire healthy habit building through fun challenges throughout the summer. Sharing your progress, thoughts, photos, etc is a way to show and inspire others to keep challenging themselves as well as receive encouragement during the challenges. The Office of Campus Recreation will not tolerate negative comments from any participant.

For additional questions, please email Jennifer Ray.