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Summer Shape Up!

JUNE 13-AUGUST 7, 2016



How it works:

Summer Shape Up runs eight weeks and each week focuses on a different area of wellness and you will have a small challenge to complete that is associated with that area of wellness.
Example) If the theme of the week is Environmental Wellness then your challenge may be something like “Eat your lunch outside and appreciate the beauty of the day. Take a picture and tag us!”  (*Note: This is not one of the challenges!)

Each week’s info posted at the bottom of this page.

To learn more about the areas of wellness, click here

How to earn prizes:

Each week has a prize associated with it. These prizes range from massages, to personal training sessions, to Outdoor Recreation gear rentals, and Personalized Nutrition Coaching sessions. The prize for each week is listed at the end of the information sheet.
Once you complete a challenge, you simply “tag” the VRWC on Facebook or Twitter with your challenge completion proof. This can be a picture or a statement, depending on what that week’s challenge directs you to do.
Here’s an Example using the Environmental Wellness challenge:
“I would take a picture of how pretty it was outside and post it to Facebook and tag “@Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center”. This would be 1 entry. I could post a picture everyday and it would be a total of 7 entries.
*If I ate dinner outside and posted pictures of that (and tagged the VRWC!) then I would have more entries…and so on. We aren’t too picky…this is supposed to be fun :) All the entries go into a random drawing and the winner of that week’s prize is contacted and announced on Monday.

I’m ready, let’s get started!

First, get connected with us on social media so tagging will be a breeze.
Facebook: @VanderbiltRecreationandWellnessCenter
Twitter: @VandyRec
Second, look over each week’s challenges and get excited! They’re all published in advanced and if you have questions about any of the challenges, please let me know, I’m happy to help!
Third, begin week one on June 13th and finish week eight by August 7th. (Sorry but no entries will be accepted before or after these dates)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and let’s Shape Up this Summer! Jennifer Ray (jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu)

Weekly Wellness Challenges

Week One (June 13-19): Emotional Wellness

Week Two (20-26): Environmental Wellness

Week Three (June 27-July 3): Social Wellness

Week Four (July 4-July 10): Occupational Wellness

Week Five (July 11-July 17): Spiritual Wellness

Week Six (July 18-July 24): Physical Wellness

Week Seven (July 25-July 31): Intellectual Wellness

Week Eight (August 1-August 7): Sexual Wellness