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Summer Shape Up!

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Summer Shape Up can work in a couple different ways and new things will be added throughout June & July. Basically, each week participants have a “plan” that includes strength training, cardio, and stretch/tone activities as well nutrition demonstrations and presentations. Biweekly wellness challenges can be done anytime and there are prizes that accompany these challenges as well.


-150 minutes of cardio per week

- 2 days of strength training per week

- completion of a wellness exercise every two weeks

-attend a nutrition demonstration or workshop once per week

For strength training:

There are videos to follow along with while at the gym which will progress throughout the program and be updated every two weeks. There are also home versions of each week’s workouts with videos. All of these videos are accessible through the calendar or Youtube and led by VRWC Fitness Associate, Tony Lewis.

If you have questions about form, technique, or any other questions, you can reach Tony at anthony.b.lewis@vanderbilt.edu.

For the cardio and stretch/tone component:

Participants have several opportunities to meet up with VRWC team members (Jennifer & Kara) to achieve your weekly 150 cardio minute goal. The activities will change throughout the program and will be posted as SSU progresses. Option will include meetups at the VRWC, home workouts, campus events, and others.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a VRWC member, you will need to pay a $10 guest pass fee to attend the group fitness meetups. To learn more about summer memberships, please talk to the front desk or check out the membership section.

For more information about the cardio component or other SSU topics, contact Jennifer at jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu.

The nutrition component is comprised of:

Nutrition Minutes which are quick tips (with samples!) on how to maintain healthy eating habits and Vandy Cooks sessions that feature guest chefs from around Vanderbilt and the Nashville area. Marilyn Holmes is your SSU point person for all things nutrition and she will be posting information on a variety of nutrition related topics throughout the program so let her know if there is something you are interested in!


The wellness component consists of:

Biweekly videos and activities that focus on topics such as memory building, developing personal definitions of happiness, and stress management. Complete these activities and get entered into drawings for smoothies, mp3 players, and more!


**Additionally, pop up activities and challenges will be added throughout the program and participants will be notified via email of these.

So where is this calendar? Click the link HERE to access the Summer Shape Up calendar or you can always find it on the front webpage of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.

Your Summer Shape Up Team:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email/call me at jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu, 615-343-0538.