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Volunteer Coaches

Helpful Guidelines for Coaches

Coaches/Instructor Information

  • Obtaining/naming a designated coach is not a requirement of Club Sports. A club may have a volunteer coach or advisor to assist them with skill development, team competition or strategic planning.
  • If the coach or instructor is not affiliated with Vanderbilt, he/she is required to obtain a VRWC membership in order to participate in club practices within the rec center.
  • All coaches and instructors are required to submit a Coaches/Instructor Volunteer agreement and adhere to Protection of Minor requirements (training and background checks), prior to working with a club sport.
  • Coaches and instructors are considered VOLUNTEER and are not considered employees of the University or the VRWC through involvement with a club sport.
  • Similar to club training at the beginning of each year, there will be a coaches and instructors meeting annually in September.
  • Coaches that hold certifications, specific to a sport, are required to provide the Club Sports office with a copy.

Coaches/Instructors are required to:

  • Enforce the University code of conduct and the Club Sports code of conduct
  • Maintains a safe environment that does not discriminate based on individual differences for all club athletes
  • Be involved in the coaching and teaching at practice and competitions
  • Act as positive role models for club officers and club members
  • Have knowledge of the club sport he/she is involved in, specifically rules, governing body requirements, and sport specific activity/form
  • Have experience coaching or instructing college students