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Volunteer Coaches

Helpful Guidelines for Coaches

1. It is considered to be the responsibility of each sport club to secure the services of their coach. All coaches selected by the club must be approved by the Associate Director and/or Director before assuming duties. The Office of Campus Recreation supports the philosophy that coaches should not be paid for their contributions to the Sport Club program.

2. The recommended duties of the coach are as follows:


  1. Assist club’s officers in scheduling games well in advance for the following season. Notify the Campus Recreation Associate Director of the schedule when it is completed for final approval.
  2. Coordinate all practices and home games with the Campus Recreation Associate Director to insure that there will be no scheduling conflicts in the use of the facilities.
  3. Be present at all games, practices and out-of-town tournaments when possible.
  4. Give the Campus Recreation Associate Director a list of equipment and supplies that will be needed for the following season (immediately after the season is over).
  5. Help ensure good sportsmanship on and off the field.
  6. Report all injuries immediately to OCR.