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The Vanderbilt Triathlon Club is a multi sport club which was created in Jan. of 2003. In just a year’s time we have over 25 members and 60+ on our listserve. There’s something for everyone. Our members range from beginners to accomplished amateur triathletes (we even have an Ironwoman!) and we provide an environment in which you can find your niche but also learn from more experienced triathletes.

Our ultimate goal is to have fun! We offer several workshops throughout the year (swim technique, bike maintenance, Tri 101) as well as monthly club meetings and social events. We also would like to thank our sponsors for assisting us with club gear, including uniforms and jerseys which are available at very discounted prices to members.


Although the majority of workouts are done individually, VTC offers 3-4 weekly club workouts and coordinates carpools for major races/events.

An idea of what our club workouts are like: Bikes (1-2 times per wk, spinning in the winter), Swim 1-3 times per wk. (am), Track workout on Weds at 6 pm. All workouts are taylored for a range of abilities/skill levels so there is definitely something for everyone.


Cole Mckenna-  mckenna.j.cole@vanderbilt.edu