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Registration/Start A Club

Renewing Your Club

All Club Sports recognized within the program are required to re-register through Anchor Link annually through the Dean of Students.  Renewal includes updating the organization’s officer contacts and membership roster. Clubs that fail to renew will not be recognized by the Club Sports program and will not receive funding, facility space, or have access to program resources.

Anchor Link

Registering A New Club

Interested clubs can request an electronic application through the Club Sports professional staff.  The online request for recognition includes: a complete membership roster, a summary of club activity (travel, practices, anticipated competitions), equipment inventory (if applicable), financial need, an account of the organization’s past finances and budgetary needs, governing body information (national and local), safety requirements and risk management.

The recognition requirements include:

  • Have an active recognition as a student organization through the Dean of Students and Anchor Link
  • A minimum of 10 interested members, of which at least 2 of these individuals must be willing to serve as club officers
  • Submit all appropriate application materials and attend all required meetings as outlined under the Recognition Timeline process
  • Potential clubs must be willing to adhere to the VRWC policies/procedures and demonstrate enthusiasm for the department’s mission and core values

Applications are accepted through November and evaluated in December of each year. Please see the Club Sports Handbook for more information regarding recognition requirements, criteria for consideration, recognition timeline and club status.