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Vanderbilt Badminton Club


The VBC is one of the official sport clubs of the Vanderbilt University. The VBC aims at popularizing the game in and around the city of Nashville through regular training programs and competitive play. The club was established in the summer of 1999 and is currently into its 5th year of existence, and has around 15 active members originating from different parts of the globe.  It also boosted our competitiveness – not only have we started formal practice routines, we also picked up competing in various tournaments again.


We, as a part of the club, practice thrice a week on basketball court #3 in the Vanderbilt Recreation Center all through the year. There are three badminton courts available.  We exclusively practice with feather (currently Tronex Gold feather tournament grade shuttles, speed 77). As far as coaching is concerned, some of our members have reached a quite competitive level of play after years of training or formal instruction elsewhere, such that advanced badminton techniques are usually passed on informally. This can reach a rather “formal-like” coaching status, especially prior to tournaments, where our mentors oversee footwork drills and stroke technique. Instruction for true badminton novices may also be arranged.

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Dzul Zulkifli – dzul.a.zulkifli@vanderbilt.edu