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New Students are always welcome to join, and no previous martial arts experience is required. We invite anyone who is interested to drop in and observe a class. Although classes are held throughout the year, the schedule may change during periods when university classes are not in session. The Vanderbilt student rec. center is open to members, however a guest fee is required from non-members. Please contact us now if you would like to visit and will be coming from out of town or are not a member of the rec. center.


Classes are held twice a week in the Vanderbilt University student recreation center’s 2nd floor mat room. Members of the Vanderbilt University Aikido Club are also invited to attend the Saturday classes of BuShin dojo. Classes are conducted by Kevin Sparkman Sensei of Nashville BuShin dojo.

Click here for the BuShin Dojo schedule.

Click here for the current practice schedule.


Mohd Fateh Mohd Lani: mohd.f.mohd.lani@vanderbilt.edu


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