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Our purpose is to have organized practices for students, grad students, faculty, staff and recreational members. The original idea was to provide a sense of team camaraderie where everyone knew who they could expect to see at practices and how we could come together to function as an actual team. It is often difficult to motivate oneself to swim on a regular basis without some type of accountability and the Masters Swim Club was designed to provide just that. In 2002, Matthew Stedman and Spencer Merrell wanted to form a swim club and merged with the Masters team to form the unified Masters swim club.


If you think you might be interested in swimming with us the best thing to do is to stop by one of our scheduled practices and introduce yourself. The Saturday morning practices are the most popular practices, so we’d recommend coming to one of those first to meet everyone.

We usually practice in the deep end, lanes closest to the lockers, marked with ‘lane reserved’ signs.  Daily practices are run by the Masters coach, president, vice president, or senior-level members, usually under the guidance of our certified Masters coach. We try our best to have at least a few regulars at each practice, but there are always times when our scholastic obligations, extracurricular activities, and jobs conflict. If you happen to come by on one of these rare occasions, we are confident that any of our regular members will be happy to help you out.

We offer 8-9 practices each week with the average member attending 3-4 workouts/week. Attendance at practices is completely optional, and members can attend as few or as many practices as they desire. Dues for the club are $15 per year. We structure our workouts to accommodate all ages and abilities and have everyone from recreational swimmers to former collegiate champions. Average yardage at any practice varies from 2,000 to 5,000 yards, depending on ability, motivation, and time. Pull buoys, kick boards, and fins are available at the pool facility.

The current practice schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30-8:30 AM* X X X
10:00-11:30 AM X
5:45-7:00 PM


X X X X X  




* There is a group that starts before 6 am and finishes before 7 am, and another starts at 6:45 am and finishes at 8 am.


We are affiliated with the Vanderbilt Masters team, and anyone registered with Masters usually swims in 2-3 meets/year, as desired.  We have recently competed in (and placed in!) Masters’ Nationals in North Carolina (2012) and Indiana (2013), meets in Bowling Green (mid-January) and at meets held by MTSU (fall/spring).   This organization provides the members of our club with the opportunity to swim competitively.


Mary Ellen Koran: m.koran@vanderbilt.edu

Helen Naylor: helen.naylor@vanderbilt.edu



Vanderbilt Swim Masters team