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Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting involves paddling the river in rubber inflatable rafts that generally hold 5-6 people each. We utilize a rafting company who provides all the rafting equipment and knowledgeable guides for each boat. The whitewater rivers we run typically have Class III – IV rapids on them. We usually camp out during the trip to make the drive more worthwhile. Our trips are designed for a group of 12 people, and require no previous experience. Each trip is led by Outdoor Rec. Trip Coordinators who are experienced in camping. Group equipment, such as tents, stoves, cooking gear, is included in the trip price.

Upcoming Trips

Sorry, but we are not going Whitewater Rafting this spring.  We will go in August and Fall 2014

Trip Information

Most trips are designed for a small group of people (10-12), and many of the trips require no previous experience. The fee for each trip covers the activity, transportation, in-camp food, camping fees, and group equipment. For more information, look for flyers around campus or stop by the Outdoor Recreation Center (at 2600 Children’s Way and behind the new Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center) during rental hours. This is also where trip sign-up takes place. Trips are open to all VU students, faculty, staff, and VRWC members. Alcohol is not permitted on any trip.