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Our rappelling trips generally involve a little hiking to the bluff, and a lot of hiking or scrambling up the bluff after each rappel. Participants will be assisted with set up and safety-belayed as they control their own speed down the rope. Our trips are designed for a group of 10-15 people, and require no previous experience. Each trip is led by Outdoor Rec. Trip Coordinators who are experienced in rappelling. All rappelling equipment is included in the trip price.

Upcoming Trips

MARCH 19 (Saturday)
The Great Stone Door, S.C.S.P., TN
Cost:  $33
Sign-up by:  Wednesday, March 2


1. You must be part of VU and have an @vanderbilt.edu email address.

2.  Click HERE to sign up and pay on-line!

Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tuesday, 3/15 at 6:00 pm in the Outdoor Rec. Center, 2600 Children’s Way.

The Stone Door is located in the beautiful South Cumberland State Park, just 120 miles southeast of Nashville.  This trip features rappelling; it’s kind of like the opposite of rock climbing. Participants will hike up to the top of the bluff and then rappel down to the bottom. A belay will be used for additional safety. Beginners are welcome and basic instruction will be given. Estimated trip duration: 7am – 6 pm.

Trip Information

Most trips are designed for a small group of people (10-12), and many of the trips require no previous experience. The fee for each trip covers the activity, transportation, in-camp food, camping fees, and group equipment. For more information, look for flyers around campus or stop by the Outdoor Recreation Center (at 2600 Children’s Way and behind the new Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center) during ORC rental hours. This is also where the Pre-Trip Meeting takes place. Trips are open to all VU students, faculty, staff, and VRWC members. Alcohol is not permitted on any trip.