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Canoeing trips utilize canoes for two people to paddle, generally down a river. We mostly offer day trips on Class I rivers. These are easy-flowing rivers. Occasionally, we offer a whitewater canoe trip, to a Class II – III river. Our trips are designed for a group of 10-14 people, and require no previous experience, except that you must know how to swim.  Each trip is led by Outdoor Rec. Trip Coordinators who are experienced in canoeing. Canoeing equipment, complete with canoes, paddles, and life jackets, is included in the trip price.

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Spring Break 2016: March 5-13, 2016 (Saturday – Sunday)

Gulf Coast:  Florida and the Blackwater River
Cost: $385

Sign-up by:  Friday, Feb. 12


1. You must be part of VU and have an @vanderbilt.edu email address.
2. Click HERE to sign up.

3.  We are now accepting payment on-line for trips!!!   You can pay with a credit card or debit card when you sign up on the link above.

4. If you cannot pay this way, then you will have to come PAY at the VRWC (Vanderbilt Recreation & Wellness Center).   You must do this within 2 business days of signing up.

Bring $200 cash, check, credit card, debit card, or Vanderbilt Card to the Office of Campus Recreation on the 2nd floor of the VRWC.  Hours:  8 am – 6 pm Monday – Thursday, and from 8 am – 5 pm on Friday.

Pre-Trip Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 5:00 pm in the ORC.

This Spring Break, we will be driving down to the Gulf Coast for a big canoe-camping trip!  First, we’ll check out the wildlife in Big Lagoon State Park, FL.  The lagoon is located just inland from the gulf.  There will be a chance to hang out at the beach on the coast before heading to Florida’s Blackwater River State Forest.  We will camp at Bear Lake where we can sleep in, go hiking, or canoeing on the small lake.  We will bring mostly canoes, but also 2-3 touring kayaks that we can take turns paddling. Finally, we will go on a 5-day, 4-night canoe-camping trip down the incredible Blackwater River.  (The water is a dark, tannin-stained color, but it contrasts vividly with the snow-white sand bars at each bend).   This is definitely an area that you have to just be there to experience all of its beauty.  No experience is necessary for this week of camping and paddling, but you must know how to swim.  In order to properly prepare for this fun adventure, plan on attending 2-3 Pre-Trip Meetings.  Estimated trip duration:  6:30 am Sat. to 4 pm Sun.


Cost includes: van transportation, in-camp food, group equipment (including the canoes and kayaks), permits, camping fees, entrance fees and a cheap hotel in Alabama on the last night.

Space is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, so don’t delay!

Click on this:  GulfCoast2016.web.11.15 for a colorful PDF of info.

Please contact Sean Wilkinson, VU ORP Coordinator, at (615) 936-8527 or via email at outdoorrec@vanderbilt.edu if you have any questions regarding this trip.


APRIL 9 (Saturday)
Lake Clean-up via Canoeing
Cordell Hull Lake, TN
Cost:  Free!

Sign-up by: Friday, April 1


1.  You must be part of VU and have an @vanderbilt.edu email address.
Click Here to sign up.

3.  You are officially signed up since this is a free trip.

Tuesday, 4/5 at 5:00 pm in the Outdoor Rec. Center, 2600 Children’s Way


At points during our hike along the north side of the lake we have noticed trash washed up on the former shorelines from the summer before.  By canoeing around the lake, we can stop and pick up trash, using the canoes to do the hauling.  This is a pretty area worthy of our time.  Beginners are welcome.  All paddling equipment is provided.  Estimated trip duration:  8 am – 6 pm.








Trip Information

Most trips are designed for a small group of people (10-12), and many of the trips require no previous experience. The fee for each trip covers the activity, transportation, in-camp food, camping fees, and group equipment. For more information, look for flyers around campus or stop by the Outdoor Recreation Center (at 2600 Children’s Way and behind the new Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center) during ORC rental hours. This is also where the Pre-Trip Meeting takes place. Trips are open to all VU students, faculty, staff, and VRWC members. Alcohol is not permitted on any trip.