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Q.  What are the hours of the Outdoor Recreation Center?

A.   The ORC is open limited hours:

Fridays and Mondays:  12 noon – 6 pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays:  3:00 – 6:00 pm

Q.  What kind of payments do you accept?

A.  Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, or Vanderbilt Commodore Card.

Q. Where is the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) located?

A.   At 2600 Children’s Way.  The ORC is in front of  the field house of the new Vanderbilt             Recreation and Wellness Center (VRWC) when you are on Children’s Way.

Look for the Canoe/Kayak shed. The ORC is the one story building near it.


Q.  Who can go on an Outdoor Recreation Adventure Trip?

A.  Anybody who attends or works at Vanderbilt:  Students, Graduate and       Professional Students, Staff, Faculty, Medical Staff, and Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center Members.

Q.  What kind of experience do I need to go on a trip?

A.   Most trips are designed for beginners, so no experience is necessary.  Mainly the climbing and whitewater kayaking trips have different skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and these are indicated with the trip information.

Q.  How do I sign up for a trip?

A.   You can now SIGN UP ON-LINE on the activity page where there is a paragraph describing the trip, however you must go to the VRWC in person to pay.   Go to the VRWC Office of Campus Recreation and the whole trip fee (with cash, check, credit card or the Vanderbilt Commodore Card).  The VRWC Campus Rec. Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Recreation and Wellness Center.  You may make a trip payment from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday.  The office is open 8 am – 5 pm on Fridays. Sometime after you pay and before the Pre-Trip Meeting, you will be e-mailed the Trip Information Sheet.

Q.  I can NEVER make it to those hours and days listed above to pay for my trip.
Can I just mail a check?

A.  Yes.  You can mail a check written to Vanderbilt University.  Put the name of the trip in the       memo and send to the drop-box address:

Vanderbilt University
Dept 1220
P.O. Box 121220
Dallas, TX 75312-1220

Q. Are there any spots left on this trip?

A.  Trip registration usually ends on a Friday the week before a trip.  However, with on-line registration, you can sign up after that if there is still space.  Once a trip fills up you will get a reply instructing you to e-mail outdoor rec to be on the waiting list.  There is often a chance to go from waiting list to actual trip list, so it is worth the e-mail.

Q.  When does the Adventure Trip Schedule come out?

A.  We have a new trip schedule three times a year.
Fall:  by the First Day of class (trips often begin on the second weekend in Sept.)
Spring:  By the third week of January (trips begin in February)
Summer:  By the third week of May (trips begin in June)

Q.  Are children allowed on trips?

A.  No.  Trip participants must be college age or older.

Q.  I signed up for a trip, but can no longer go on it.  What is the trip refund policy?

If the participant cancels from a trip:

-  He/She must notify Linda Rosenkranz or the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC)
–  If more than 30 days in advance, the participant will be issued a full refund.
–  If 30 or less days in advance, the participant is responsible for finding their own replacement and refund.  If there is a waiting list, we will try to help.  If no list exists, you are responsible for your own replacement.

Some of the bigger trips (5 days or longer) have a more specific refund policy.  See the Trip Information Sheet (per specific trip) for more details.


Q.  Who can rent equipment from the Outdoor Recreation Center?

A.  Anybody who attends or works at Vanderbilt:  Students, Graduate and Professional Students, Staff, Faculty, Medical Staff, and Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center Members.

Q.  Can VU Alumni rent equipment from the ORC?

A.  Yes.  The fees are slightly higher for alumni

Q.  I have a pick-up truck, can I fit a canoe or kayak in its bed?

A.  No.  Our canoes are almost 17’ long.  Our touring kayaks are 14’6” long.  You can probably fit a whitewater kayak in your bed, depending on which boat.   A car, SUV, or mini-van  is a better vehicle for transporting canoes or touring kayaks.  We rent car-top carriers which have foam blocks to pad the canoe from the top of your vehicle.

Q.  Can you help me pick out the right equipment for camping and tell me where to go?

A.   Our student staff can help you figure out what gear you need.  We have a lot of quality gear to choose from.  We also have a number of resources for camping, including a list of state parks and how far they are from Vanderbilt.


Q.  When can we sign up for a kayak workshop after a schedule ends?

A.  We have a new kayak workshop schedule three times a year.

Fall:  By the second week in September

Spring:  By the third week in January

Summer:  By the first week in June.


Q.  Does it cost anything to climb the Wall just inside the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center?

A.   No.  As long as you have access to the VRWC, you can climb for free. Whenever the gold chain is no longer up around the climbing area, our staff is available to teach you the basics, lend you a pair of climbing shoes, and teach you how to belay.


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