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Equipement Services / Pro Shop

Our friendly professional student staff will gladly assist your recreation needs. With your Vanderbilt ID on hand, you’ll have access to the latest informal recreation and Pro Shop convenience items available. Most are available without a cost.

Informal Recreation Items

From basketball to badminton; racquetball to squash; or even wiffleball to softball; we’ve got what you need to play. Just present your Vanderbilt ID. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer.

Equipment Rental & Pro Shop Price List
Racquetball Racquet $1.00
Squash Racquet $1.00
Center Line Volleyball Set $5.00
Towel $0.50
Lock $0.50
AA battery $1.00
Athletic Supporter $3.00
Ektelton Racquetball Sport $10.00
Ektelon Classic Pro Rball Glove $10.00
Head “All in One” Racquet Kit $25.00
Mouth Guard $1.00
Racquetball $2.50
Socks $3.00
Speedo Kids Swim Cap $4.00
Speedo Swim Goggles $10.00
Speedo Silicone Swim Cap $10.00
Squashball $2.50
SRC Mesh Shorts (black) $15.00
SRC T-shirt (black) $10.00


Locker Rentals

Besides securer items, another locker rental benefit is towel service — one towel per visit at no additional cost.

Annual Cost
Large $110
Medium $95
Small $80