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Summer Membership: Available May 1 – August 31 to ALL Vanderbilt, Alumni, and Community Families. Price is per person.

  • May to Aug – $120
  • June to Aug – $90
  • July to Aug – $60
  • Aug – $30

The Card Office requires the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center to activate ALL Student ID’s for the summer. If we activate your Student ID, you will be charged a fee.

VRWC Student Fees For The Summer
Summer Memberships for students starts May 12th.

$12 MaymesterOnly for Students Who Want Access for the Month of May / Maymester. Fee will appear on your fall bill.

$62 Rec Center Summer Membership - Students Not Registered in School Who Want Access to the Rec Center. Summer Rec Center Memberships are from May 12th – August 15, 2014. Fee will appear on your fall bill.

$74 Summer Act/Rec Fees (14U) – If you are registered in summer school, you are automatically charged the act / rec fees as part of your registration. You will not be charged twice. As stated in the student handbook the activity and recreation fees are mandatory fees. The fees are not linked to usage of the recreation facility or to participation in activities on the campus. These are mandatory fees that are part of registration.

It is the University’s policy that there are no waivers of the summer activity and recreation fees.