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*Covering Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, & 3on3 Volleyball*

  1. The following rules and procedures are those items for which the OCR feels a need to further elaborate and clarify.  In no way should the absence of a particular rule or procedure be interpreted to man that it will not be enforced.  All team coaches are responsible for the information in the current issues of the V.U. Intramural Recreational Handbook and the National Federation of State High Schools Association Volleyball Rulebook.
  2. An Intramural (IM) Supervisor and/or intramural official will be on duty for each game.  The persons acting in these capacities have been given directions and authority by the OCR to carry out necessary duties.  Any problems should be referred to the Official first and then to the IM Supervisor if necessary.
  3. The particular league and/or tournament format, (example:  round robin), is dependent on the number of entries in each division



  1. The responsibilities of each participant are:
    1. The schedule and all information on it.  Schedules may be obtained online. No schedule information will be given over the telephone
    2. Player eligibility (IM handbook)
    3. Team and spectator sportsmanship (IM handbook)
    4. Reporting scores to the IM supervisor or other delegated person for self-officiated matches.
    5. Make sure game results are recorded accurately on the OCR website.
    6. Notify the OCR prior to the entry deadline concerning players participating in concurrent intramural activities.  Immediate notification may help to avoid a time conflict.
  2. A 5-minute grace period is in effect.
  3. Players must be listed on the official roster(OCR) prior to participating (penalty = forfeit).  There is no roster limit except for 3on3 volleyball where there is a 4-person limit for each team.  New players may be added by contacting the OCR during office hours
  4. No player may play on two teams in the same league. (Penalty = team forfeit, player suspension).
  5. Teams forfeiting two games will be dropped from further participation.
  6. For self officiated leagues, each team must provide one person to serve as line judge.
  7. For self officiated leagues, the participating teams are required to officiate the games.
  8. Ejected players or coaches are automatically suspended for one match and will be subjected to further disciplinary action.

RULES: Game equipment will be provided by the OCR.   *Rules apply to all leagues except where noted otherwise.


1.1     Each team consists of 6 players (3 players in 3 league, co-rec league = 3men and 3women).

1.2        A team must have at least 4 players to begin and continue in a game (2 players in 3on3 league).

1.3        (Co-Rec) – When playing with 4 or 6 players, at least half must be women and half men.  When playing with 5 players, 2 must be women and 3 men or else 3 must be women and 2 men.


2.1.  The first team winning two games will be the winner.

2.2    Games will be played to 21 points (must win by 2), 3rd game to 15.

2.3    Two time-outs are allowed per game, 30 seconds per time-out.

2.4     A 3-minute rest period is allowed between games of a match.

2.5     All games Rally Scoring.



3.1      Substitutions are allowed during dead ball situations only.

3.2      (Co-Rec) required player combinations must be maintained.

3.3       Substitutions must take the position and place in the serving order of the person substituted for.

3.4     Players re-entering must take the position and place in the serving order in relation to teammates.

3.5     Substitution is unlimited.



4.1      Rotation occurs after the first server from both teams has completed service.  First service is made by the player in the right-back position.

4.2  Rotation is clockwise

4.3      Team change sides after each game and after 8 points have been scored in the third game.  No player position changes are allowed during the change of sides at the 8 point mark of the third game.


5.1     A maximum of 3 hits are allowed to return the ball over the net.

5.2     No obvious lifting, holding, or pushing of the ball is allowed.

5.3     A player may not hit the ball two times in succession.

5.4     Simultaneous hits count as one hit with both players allowed to play the ball again.


6.1     A block does not count as one of the three allowable hits.

6.2     A blocker may reach over the net without touching it, however, the ball cannot be contacted over the opponent’s side until they have attempted to send the ball to the blocker’s side.

6.3     A blocker may not spike the ball during the blocking action, however, the blocker’s arms and hands may be in any position as long as there is no interference with the opponent’s playing of the ball.

6.4     A spiker’s hands may pass over the net following a spike, but the ball must be contacted on the spiker’s side of the net.

6.5      Back line players may not block or attempt to block.

6.6     Back line players may not spike the ball while positioned in front of the spike line.

6.7     (F/S Co-Rec and Co-Rec *Recreational *Leagues) all serves must be underhanded.

6.8     (F/S Co-Rec and Co-Rec *Recreational *Leagues) no spiking.

6.9     Any part of the body may be used to return a hard driven spike as long as it is not a carry, lift, etc.


7.1      First service and choice of sides will be determined by a coin toss.  The winner selects first service or choice of sides, the loser has the remaining choice.  First service alternates for the second game.  If a third game is necessary, a coin toss will determine first service.

7.2  The ball may be hit right out of the hand.

7.3  The service must be behind the endline the moment the ball is hit.

7.4  The server must wait for the ready to serve signal by the referee.

7.5  Net serves are allowed



8.1      A player may not cross the centerline or its extension to play the ball.  A player may play the ball on his/her side and then cross the extension outside the court-line. A player may reach under the net to play a ball already in play by that player’s team.

8.2       While the ball is in play, a player must step completely over the centerline for a foot foul to occur.

8.3      The net and any of its supports may be touched while the ball is in play, unless the ball forces it into the player.

8.4      A ball that touches the net is still in play provided it doesn’t occur on a serve or on a team’s third hit.

8.5      The entire ball must land outside a line to be out-of-bounds.

Co-Rec: Female does not need to play ball each time across the net. (ref discretion)