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Tennis Singles


NOTE: The following rules and procedures are those items for which the OCR feels a need to further elaborate and clarify. In no way should the absence of a particular rule or procedure be interpreted to mean that it will not be enforced. All participants are responsible for the information contained in the current issue of the Intramural-Recreational Handbook and the United States Tennis Association Rule Book.


  1. Prior to play, each player must check-in at the front desk of the indoor tennis center.
  2. No Black soled shoes are permitted on the courts.
  3. In case of rain, call the Student Recreation Center after 3:00 PM to see if matches are still being played.
  4. Participants are encouraged to play their matches as scheduled, but if rescheduling is necessary, participants may arrange their own match time with their opponent prior to their scheduled match. The match must be played and the score reported by 5:00 PM the day before the next scheduled round.  Matches that are not reported by 5:00 PM will be recorded as a forfeit.
  5. Forfeit: A match will be considered a forfeit if only one opponent shows to a scheduled match.  (Five minute grace period is in effect)
  6. No schedule information will be given out over the phone. Participants are responsible for the schedule and the information on it. Schedules are posted on line at http://www.vanderbilt.edu/recreationandwellnesscenter/intramurals/calendar/ and in the Student Recreation Center.


  1. Matches consist of a 10 game pro set using no-add scoring.
  2. The first player to win 10 games wins.  Player do not need to win by 2 games.
  3. Any mutual agreed upon tennis ball may be used. Each player/team is required to furnish a can of new tennis balls per match.
  4. If the two sides disagree on a shot ruling, the point should be replayed.