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1.1     Eligibility

  1. Faculty/Staff are eligible to play in the fall leagues.
  2. A person may play for only one team. (Exception: a person may play on one co-rec team.)
  3. To be eligible, each player’s name must be on the team roster filed with the OCR.
  4. Women may play in men’s leagues and vice versa.
  5. Freshman are not eligible for any league except the freshman leagues.
  6. Penalty for any of the above is possible forfeiture of the game and player suspension.


1.2   Number of Players

  1. Each team may have a maximum of 10 players on the field and may bat 11  Players (EP).
  2. A team may start and finish a game with 9 players, even if it started the game with an EP.

1.3    Protest Procedure

  1. Get the two captains together with the official and settle the dispute.
  2. If satisfaction is not reached, call the IM Supervisor who will then settle the problem.
  3. Neither team may leave the site, nor may the game begin or continue until the protest has been settled.
  4. Eligibility protests must be filed with the IM Supervisor before the game has ended.
  5. Judgment calls cannot be protested. Other rule or policy interpretation protests must be made before the next pitch is thrown.
  6. Teams who wish to carry the protest further may do so by following the Guidelines set forth in the Intramural Handbook.


2.1    Timing

  1. A five minute grace period is in effect for each game. A team must have at least 9 players present by forfeit time to begin a game. (The umpire is the official timer)
  2. Games are (7) innings in length. No new innings may begin after 50 minutes from starting game time. No time limit in playoff games.
  3. If no umpire is available, teams must call their own games. This will count as an official game.
  4. A team with a 12 run advantage after (5) complete innings will be declared the winner. (Exception: Playoffs)
  5. In case of inclement weather, (4) innings constitutes a complete game. (3 ½ if home team is ahead)
  6. Tie games will stand in regular season play. Ties will go into extra innings in the playoffs.


2.2    Game Equipment

  1. Balls: The OCR will supply Gold Dot softballs for all games.
  2. Each team is responsible for supplying its own bats. Bats and softballs may be purchased from the SRC equipment desk. Bats may also be checked out on a limited basis.
  3. Shoes must be worn. No metal cleats, hard soled, combat, or hiking boots are permitted.
  4. Gloves may be worn by all players, but mitts may be worn only by the catcher and first baseman. The pitcher’s glove must be of a single color and not gray or white.
  5. Catcher’s masks are available to be checked out from the SRC equipment desk.
  6. A player may not participate if he is wearing any type of cast.

2.3     Substitutions

  1. All substitutions must be reported to the opposing team’s scorekeeper.
  2. Starting players may re-enter the game once.
  3. Non-starters may enter the game once.
  4. Penalty for illegal substitutions is a forfeit.

2.4     Miscellaneous

  1. Rainouts are not decided on until 3 p.m. the day of the game. After 4:30 p.m. on weekends, the supervisor on duty will decide the game’s status.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the intramural fields.
  3. Ground rules: Out of play on all fields is over the fences, or behind the backstop.