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Summer Co-Rec Softball


  1. Teams need at least 9 players to start and finish the game.
  2. Teams are comprised of 6 men and 4 women.  Teams cannot start a game with less than 4 women.
  3. Men and women may occupy any position in the field. However, once the inning has begun, players must remain in the same position for the entire inning. Exceptions: Pitcher can be relieved and shortfielder can switch fields.
  4. Men and women must alternate in the batting order. Women must be in the first or second slot in the batting order. If a team chooses to play with extra players (EP), they must add one female and one male player to the batting order. 12 players will bat and any ten may play defense. Note: Defensive positions may still be changed, but the batting order must remain the same.
  5. If a male batter is walked and has no strikes called on him, the female following him in the batting order has her choice of batting or taking an automatic walk.
  6. Sliding is permitted.
  7. Outfielders are not allowed to position themselves within five yards of the infield.