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The game is played on racquetball courts 1 & 2 of the Vanderbilt Student Recreation Center. Two games will be played at a time. Neutral Zone: A player may advance to the mid-court line of the court but no further. They may reach over to retrieve a ball.

a) Players must wear proper attire (tennis shoes, shirts etc.).
b) An official “dodgeball” is used.
c) With 5 players, 3 dodge balls will be used per court.

A team consists of 5 players on the court. A team may play with fewer than 5 (that would be a disadvantage as there are fewer players to eliminate). Extra Players: No more than 5 players per team may be on the court at a time. If a team has additional players, they may wait on the sideline to enter when their team catches an opponent’s throw, but may only enter if less than 5 players are on the court at that time.

a) 10min is allotted per match.
b) Teams will switch sides of the court after each match.
c) The two teams will play best 2 out of 3 matches.
d) Forfeit Time:  Five minutes after game time

a) Three dodge balls are placed in the center and the teams charge for them to start the    game.
b) If a player is hit by a “fly ball”, before it hits the floor and after being thrown by a player on the opposing team that player is out.
c) If a player catches a “fly ball”, the thrower is out. ALSO, the catching team returns an eliminated player to their team. Players come back into the game in the order they were eliminated.
d) A ball deflected by a held ball, whether caught or not, does not result in player elimination.
e) A ball rebounding off a “catch” attempt may be caught before touching the floor by any in bounds player on the “hit” player’s team. It may not hit a wall/backboard etc.
Result: the thrower is out and the catching team returns and eliminated player.  Out-of-Bounds: Catching a ball out-of-bounds does not count. If a ball is deflected off one player and he/she or a teammate catches it out-or-bounds, the first player is still out because the catch does not count. Anything caught or thrown or being hit outside of the boundaries of the court does not count.
f) A ball rebounding off a wall, backboard etc. does not eliminate a player.
g) When all the players of one team have been eliminated, the other team wins that game
h) If time expires before the game ends; the team with the most players on the court is the winner.

Players may not lift or support their teammates in catching a throw etc.

a) Eliminated players on each court will form lines on their side of the court next to the back wall.  Keep in order of being eliminated. Re-enter on a “caught” ball in same order eliminated.
b) Eliminated players may not participate in the game.