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Registering for Intramurals is Easy

The following steps explain the procedure:

  1. Check for activity entry date and information through any of several OCR publicity avenues – Web Page, Activity Flyers, the Rec. Ctr. Bulletin Boards, Brochures, Pocket Calendars, , etc.
  2. Obtain the appropriate registration card at the OCR.
  3. Fill it out completely, and submit it, along with any fees, to the OCR prior to the entry deadline.
  4. At the OCR, check the appropriate activity flyer for pertinent information, including dates and times of team coaches’ meetings.
  5. Pick up a copy of the sport’s rules and procedures.

NOTE: For several team sports, practice games are scheduled by the OCR prior to the first official game of the season. These games serve as a clinic for officials. Teams interested in participating in the practice games may sign up at the time of registration.

Skill Level

Skill levels are offered when the number of entries allows more than one division to be formed.  These skill levels are created to promote equitable competition for the participants.

Open A – Highly Skilled
Open B – Intermediate
Open C – Beginner/Novice

Intramurals Eligibility

Responsibility For Eligibility – The OCR and its staff does not actively screen entries and team rosters for ineligible participants. Infractions brought to the attention of the OCR will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures indicated below. Eligibility will function on an honor code system in which it is the responsibility of each intramural representative, team coach and participant to be aware of and abide by the rules of eligibility listed below.

Ineligible Player Penalty – A person participating in an intramural sport, whose found to be ineligible for such participation, may be suspended by the OCR from further participation for any length of time up to one year.

Team Using Ineligible Player – A team using an ineligible player will forfeit the game in which the ineligible player participated.

Student Status – All students currently enrolled in the University are eligible for participation in intramurals.

Faculty/Staff Status – All full-time faculty and staff members issued a V.U. identification are eligible for participation in intramurals.

Team Rosters – Participants are required to be listed on a team’s official roster on file in the OCR prior to participating in an intramural sport. Roster additions may be made during OCR hours by phone or in person.

Two Team Participants – Participation on more than one team in a single sport is not permitted. Exceptions:

  1. Participation on two teams in a sport is permitted if one team is a co-recreational division team.
  2. Participants listed on a roster of a team that does not actually play two of its scheduled games may transfer to another team with prior permission from the OCR.

*Individuals playing on two teams will jeopardize the teams they are playing on and will be suspended from further play.

Freshmen – All freshmen must participate in the freshman division. Those team sports having such a division are Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer. Exception: Freshmen may also participate in the co-recreational division.

Athletic Team Members – Athletic team members who participate (in games or practice) with that team during or after the first scheduled game of the athletic season are ineligible for participation in that intramural or related sport the same academic year.

Athletic Scholarship Recipients – A student on an athletic scholarship is ineligible to participate in that intramural or related sport.

Professional Athletes – A student who is or has been a professional athlete is ineligible for participation in that intramural or related sport.

Sport Club Members – All Sport Club members are eligible for participation in all non-related intramural sports and in related sports under the following guidelines:

Volleyball Club

  • Volleyball – Maximum of (2) club members per team.
  • 3 Person Volleyball – Maximum of (1) club member per team