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Fun and Exciting Competition

Commons Cup sporting events are independent from the Rec Center’s intramural sports program, with the exception of flag football and outdoor soccer. All teams are co-recreational and each house may register as many teams as desired for each activity. If a house enters more than one team, an in-house tournament will be conducted to determine the champion who will then represent the house in the Commons tournament.  Houses can enter an unlimited number of teams into the flag football and soccer league, but only the highest placing team will earn points for the Commons Cup.

Throughout the academic year eight competitions will occur.  Each house’s vice president will be responsible for assisting the Office of Campus Recreation in promoting and registering teams for both the Commons sporting events and intramural sports.  Registration is completed in the Office of Campus Recreation, located in the Student Recreation Center. If you are interested in assisting with the promotion and registration of teams, please contact your House V.P. and Lucy Deppen at lucydeppen@gmail.com.

Participation and sportsmanship points are awarded for each activity in which the house competes. Forfeits are strongly discouraged. The first forfeit in an activity results in the loss of one half of the participation and sportsmanship points. Unsportsmanlike conduct will also result in a loss of one half of the participation and sportsmanship points. More information about participation and sportsmanship points can be found on the calendar page.