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Personal Training: Get the Facts

What can a Personal Trainer do for me?

There are many reasons why people hire a personal trainer.  Trainers are excellent for providing motivation, teaching safe workout techniques, giving individualized instruction, suggesting new effective workouts, to bolster confidence, to provide sport-specific training, assist with injury rehabilitation, and to teach  new skills. You may want a trainer to motivate and push you to the point where you begin to see lasting results and to give you ongoing encouragement and support so you keep it up!


What type of training do the Personal Trainers have?

All of the VRWC trainers have at least one nationally recognized and independently accredited Personal Trainer certification, such as from ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA, and others. All of these certifying bodies require continuing education in order maintain certifications. In addition, all of our trainers have various other specialty certifications and at least five years of professional experience in the fitness industry.



What happens at the initial Personal Training Intro appointment?

The purpose of this first meeting is to assess what your fitness goals and current physical performance level. Introductory sessions are scheduled for half an hour and you and your trainer will run through how to get started reaching your fitness goals.

What is a medical release and when is it necessary?

A medical release consists of a note from a healthcare provider stating any necessary exercise restrictions and/or provisions, or that states that the client has been cleared to exercise with no restrictions. Clients with a known medical condition (i.e., cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary, orthopedic, etc.) will be required to obtain medical clearance from a healthcare provider before they can workout with a trainer. Clients with symptoms suggestive of a clinical condition, or with multiple risk factors, may be required to get clearance as well.

What if I am completely out of shape?

Each trainer works with each client based on the current fitness level of the individual. The advice given is individually tailored to help the client make steady progress towards achieving a higher level of fitness and well-being. Our goal is to offer you valuable and empowering fitness advice, teach you how to safely and effectively choose and use equipment, and to strategize with you on how to build a better fitness routine for you.


How often should I work with a Personal Trainer?

The number of visits with a trainer will be based on your specific needs and goals.

What payment methods do you accept?

Session payments can be made via cash, check, major credit card, or Commodore card.Online payment option coming soon!

*Cancellations: A client wishing to cancel or reschedule a session should contact their trainer immediately. Failure to do 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time is subject to forfeiture of the training session, which is why it is important to contact your trainer. We understand there are unpredictable circumstances and we value your and our time, so stay courteous Nashville!

Still have questions? Email wade.e.evans@vanderbilt.edu