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Group Fitness Schedule

Instructors teach to all fitness levels in each class. Instructors demonstrate beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications. Please reference individual class descriptions for specific information. Feel free to email Lori Cowan at lori.l.cowan@Vanderbilt.edu with questions or comments.

For a pdf of the current group fitness schedule effective 10/17/15 to 12/18/15, click here. For an up to date listing, please refer to calendar above. Printable schedules do not take into account holiday and break changes. Please refer to the calendar above for those changes.

  • Please be advised of the following changes to the group fitness schedule:
    Sunday, Nov. 22: 4:30 PM Zumba has been moved to 3:30 PM
    Monday, Nov. 23: 7:15-8 PM Indoor Cycle with Johnny cancelled
    Wednesday, Nov. 25: All classes from 3-8 PM on the schedule are cancelled
    Thursday, Nov. 26: All classes cancelled as the VRWC will be closed
    Friday, Nov. 27: 6:15am Circuit Cycle with Joan, 12:30pm Bodyblade with Kandice, the 4:30pm Indoor Cycling with Alyson, the 4:30pm Vinyasa Flow with Jessie, and the 5:30pm Hardbody with Alyson are cancelled
  • We will host a special group fitness class on Friday, Nov. 27 at 12:30 pm called Turkey Burn Super Circuit. Join Cameron for this high intensity circuit class designed to maximize time and torch that turkey! No choreography here just simple movements using different equipment in each round. All you have to do is Practice. Push it. Crush It. Repeat.

    Cycling & TRX: You MUST obtain valid NUMBERED CARD from Front Desk to attend.

    How to Sign up for INDOOR CYCLING classes

    1) Each participant must pick up an authorized number located at the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center’s Welcome Center Desk 30 minutes prior class beginning.

    Class size is limited to 40 participants.

    2) Each participant must turn in numbered card to their instructor upon entering the class.  It is recommended that you be present at least 10 minutes before class starts to set up your bike.

    3) When all the numbered cards have been handed out at the Welcome Center – the class is full.  There is NO waiting list or sign up sheet.

    4) No one is allowed to enter class once it has begun.


    1) Towel

    2) At least one water bottle (The bikes are equipped with two water bottle holders.  NO open containers are allowed.)

    3) Cycling shoes / or regular workout shoes (the bikes are equipped with cycling clips).