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The Biggest Winner


Our new program designed to help those who need to lose weight for their health to lose it in a healthy, fun group atmosphere!

Dates to be announced. Look for posters and flyers in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) announcing dates. Sign up in the Office Of Campus Recreation for your chance to lose some weight and win $100!

What: 6 week weight loss program
When:  TBA
Day: Thursdays @ 4:00 PM
Cost: $50

Taught by Stephanie Kemp, Certified Personal Trainer


  1. You must be a full member of the Vanderbilt Student Recreation Center.
  2. You must have a BMI (Body Mass Index of at least 24 or up). GO to: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ OR see the chart below to calculate your BMI.

3. You must be willing to meet once per week as a group. Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm for 6 weeks. Classroom B of the Student Recreation Center

4. You agree to attend the weekly seminars

5. You agree to have your body fat tested weekly by either calipers or the Omron Bio-electrical Impedance device.

6. If accepted and you answer yes to two or more questions on the PAR-Q, you agree to provide a medical permission for exercise to participate in the program.

7. You agree to pay $50.00 to participate in this program.

Completed application packet includes:

1. PAR-Q

2. Heath History

3. Completed personal information form


Your goal will be to lose a percentage of body fat at a healthy rate over a five week period. You are being asked to lose what roughly correlates to 1.5 pounds to no more than 5 pounds per week. Your goal will be calculated by a Personal Trainer in the first week. We will calculate a target body weight for you obtain, based on your fat mass and your fat-free body mass calculations.

What you get

  • A weekly workout to follow (designed by a certified Personal Trainer for the group)
  • Weekly meetings with Fit Facts and real world advice to maintain your workouts
  • A Group setting to assist you in reaching your goals!
  • $100 if you meet your goal! Your original participation fee will be returned to you if you meet your goal, with an additional $50 just for you!