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Pool Regulations

Pool Regulations
(effective January 13, 2010)

Due to the Nashville Metropolitan Public Health Department’s new pool policies, the Student Recreation Center has issued the following regulations.

  1. No impromptu groups- any group of 5 or more people wanting to recreate in the pool must request prior permission a minimum of one week in advance prior to the requested date and time from the Aquatics Coordinator. This includes: students, student organizations, “birthday parties,” athletic teams, ROTC, conferences, etc.  The individual/group may be required to pay for one or more additional lifeguards at the rate of $21.00 /hour/lifeguard.
  2. Lifeguard to Patron Ratio:
    • Adult- a lifeguard to patron ratio will be strictly enforced.
    • Child- a life guard to child (13 years and under) ratio will be strictly enforced. If the lifeguard to child ratio is unable to be met, the aquatic staff reserves the right to cordon sections of the pool to meet regulations.