Vanderbilt Stationery and Guidelines For Use

A "wardrobe" of stationery products has been designed to meet the correspondence needs of the Vanderbilt community. Each stationery item has been designed to conform with traditional stationers’ etiquette and usage. The content elements that are included reflect the usage of that particular piece. Please note that specific items of stationery are designated for certain uses based on traditional etiquette. Also by standardizing the styles, production of the customized stationery saves money for the University.

Vanderbilt Printing Services has stationery and business card templates for all University offices and schools. All stationery products must be ordered through them. Any deviations or exceptions to the templates and standards will be forwarded to the Graphic Standards committee for review. If a decision is made to create a new template, that template will be furnished to Printing Services by Creative Services.

All Vanderbilt letterhead paper stock is Neenah 24 lb. Classic Cotton Recycled Bright White Imaging Finish with custom watermark. This stock is only available through Vanderbilt Printing Services. Other stationery items are of the same family of papers and in the same color, and all stocked by VPS.

Business Card Examples

3 line address
(for any office with a Station B or Peabody box number)


2 line address
(for offices whose physical location and mailing address are one and the same)


Other stationery examples and explanations for use

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