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Congratulations Jennifer!

June 21, 2016—Jennifer Trueblood receives early career award from psychonomic society.

Congratulations Jianhong (May) Shen

May 31, 2016—We congratulate Jianhong (May) Shen as the 2016 winner of The Lisa M. Quesenberry Foundation Award. This was established by Irvin and Mary Ann Quesenberry and Kathryn Quesenberry to memorialize the accomplishments of their daughter and sister, Lisa M. Quesenberry. It is designed to provide research or study awards to motivated graduate students. Preferably, the awards will be made to female graduate students who are studying the field of psychology and who have overcome significant personal challenges to pursue their education. Congratulations May!

Congratulations Marcus, Mackenzie & Scott! Also honorable mention too Patrick.

April 19, 2016—Please join us in congratulating Marcus Wild and Mackenzie Sunday on their National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. These prestigious awards will support their research. Scott Blain, an undergraduate from our program, has also been offered this award, a rare accomplishment for a junior researcher. Finally, Patrick O’Keefe received an honorable mention, making it a great year in our program in this competition!

Congratulations Scott Blain!

March 30, 2016—Undergraduate Senior Scott Blain (Class of '16) has been awarded the highly prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, to pursue a PhD in psychology. Scott - a double major in Cognitive Studies and Medicine, Health, and Society- is currently completing his Psychology Honors thesis on the role of personality traits in embodied emotion in Dr. Sohee Park’s lab. In his Honors thesis project, he focused on how individual differences impact the way humans perceive and interface with the social world. Scott has also contributed to a variety of research projects with Drs. Blythe Corbett, and Reyna Gordon. He has presented his work at Society for Social Neuroscience, Society for Music Perception/Cognition, and the Association for Psychological Science, and currently has co-authored manuscripts in press/revision in Autism Research, Autism, and Frontiers. During the past four years at Vanderbilt, Scott has been actively involved in science outreach and education, as Writing Studio consultant, Student Athletics psychology tutor, and social media coordinator for Vanderbilt's Program for Music, Mind, and Society. Moving forward, he plans to investigate the neural and genetic mechanisms underlying individual differences in emotional reactivity and social behavior.

Reinhart and Fukuda earn faculty positions!

March 28, 2016—Please join us in congratulating the trainees from the Psychology Department who have recently accepted offers to become tenure-track faculty next year. Rob Reinhart and Kei Fukuda will start jobs as Assistant Professors next year. Rob Reinhart is a graduate student who will be taking a faculty position at Boston University in the Fall. Rob’s research uses electrophysiology and brain stimulation to understand cognitive control and attention. Keisuke Fukuda is currently a postdoctoral researcher who uses behavioral methods and recordings of electrical brain activity to study memory storage and encoding. Kei will be starting a faculty position at the University of Toronto, Mississauga in the fall of this year.

Congratulations to Joshua Buckholtz!

February 22, 2016—It's always rewarding to hear one of our graduated students succeeding in their own academic positions. Joshua Buckholtz (Ph.D in Neuroscience who carried out his research under the mentorship of David Zald) was awarded the 2016 Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformational Early Career Contributions from the Association for Psychological Science (APS).  Research contributions can be transformative in various ways, such as the establishment of new approaches or paradigms within a field of psychology, or the development or advancement of research that cuts across fields of psychological science.Recipients reflect the best of the many new and cutting edge ideas coming out of our most creative and promising investigators who, together, embody the future of psychological science.

Congratulations Geoff Woodman!

January 27, 2016—Geoff Woodman has won the 2016 Troland Award given annually by the National Academy of Sciences. is the most prestigious award a young experimental psychologist can receive in our field, and when you scan the list of previous winners of the Troland award you’ll appreciate what an honor this represents. Geoff’s name adds further luster to this roster of stars. Congratulations, Geoff, on receiving this well-deserved recognition for your outstanding research accomplishments!!!

Congratulations Wenxi Xiao!

January 13, 2016—Please join the Department of Psychology in congratulating Wenxi Xiao as one of the Undergraduate Research Fair winners this year. She will receive a $50 check for her presentation. Wenxi Xiao ’16 - Psychology (Honors) Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Improves Visual Hyperacuity in Humans Advisor: Geoffrey Woodman, Psychology

Association for Psychological Science 2015 Rising Stars: Vandy Psychology Scores Big!!

January 4, 2016—Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt has three current faculty members - Joe Franklin, Sonya Sterba and Jennifer Trueblood - and one former graduate student - Josh Bucholtz - honored as Rising Stars by the Association for Psychological Science. The Rising Star designation recognizes outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research career post-PhD whose innovative work has already advanced the field and signals great potential for their continued contributions. 2015 winners were announced this week.

Congratulations Doug!

December 10, 2015—Doug Godwin won this year’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award given annually by the College of Arts and Science for "for exceptionally effective classroom and/or laboratory instruction, as determined by students he has worked with and a panel of seniors in Phi Beta Kappa.” Only one other Psychology graduate student has received this honor in the history of the award, the other being Bjorn Rump in 2004. Congratulations Doug!

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