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Interdisciplinary Program in Social Psychology


The Interdisciplinary Program in Social Psychology includes faculty from a diverse selection of administrative units of the University. The program is coordinated by a committee composed of William P. Smith (Psychology), Bruce Barry (Management), Douglas Perkins (Human and Organizational Development), Craig A. Smith (Psychology and Human Development), and Kenneth A. Wallston (Nursing). The direction of the program rotates among members of the committee. 

Core faculty in the Interdisciplinary Program in Social Psychology are

  • Bruce Barry (Owen School of Management)
  • Ray Friedman (Owen School of Management)
  • Douglas Perkins (Human and Organizational Development)
  • Craig A. Smith (Psychology and Human Development)
  • Kenneth A. Wallston (Nursing) 
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Students are admitted to and receive their doctoral degrees from one of the participating departments, but are required to take a minimum of 5 courses in social psychology drawn from the 6 administrative units of the University participating in the program, all of which must be approved by the interdisciplinary committee on social psychology. A listing of these courses is available from any of the participating units of the University. In addition, students are expected to join an interdisciplinary seminar in social psychology, offered jointly by the participating units, for each of at least 3 semesters. Students choosing a major concentration in social psychology will conduct their dissertation research in social psychology. Students choosing a minor in social psychology should consult with the member of the committee in their unit of the University.