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Psychological Sciences

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Faculty Advisor

Bethany Rittle-Johnson

Contact Information

(615) 343-7051
312 Hobbs

Research Area


Ph.D., University of Victoria (2011)

Michael Miller

IES Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Area: Developmental Science

My research examines the relations, causes, and consequences of cognitive and social development in early childhood.

My early graduate research focused on young children’s theory of mind (e.g., false belief understanding) and its relation to gender role development and different cognitive processes (e.g., counterfactual reasoning). My recent and current research primarily has focused on young children’s development of executive function (e.g., working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility) and how it relates to other knowledge domains, including problem-solving and basic academic skills. Presently, I am working with Dr. Bethany Rittle-Johnson and her research team, integrating my research on executive function with children’s knowledge of mathematics.