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Psychological Sciences

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Faculty Advisor

Megan Saylor

Contact Information

320 Hobbs

Research Area


MA in Linguistics (2005) Moscow State University

MA in Psychology (2010) Vanderbilt University

Maria Osina

Graduate Student
Research Area: Developmental Science

The primary focus of my research is language comprehension in young children and adults.  With infants I study their ability to comprehend references to absent objects. In particular, I am interested in ways their memory and representational abilities shape their language comprehension. 

With adults and preschoolers I study the relation between grammatical structures and mental representation. Specifically, I am interested in how the choice of syntax affects what the listener represents when processing speech. I am also interested in how the speaker’s perceived situation influences the choice of grammatical structures.

Overall I favor modal views on language comprehension and plan to study more closely processes like mental simulation and imagery during word, sentence and text processing at different ages.