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Hobbs 315b

Research Area

  • Developmental Science
  • Education

    Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan, 2011

    M.A. in Psychology, University of Michigan, 2008

    B.A. in Psychology, Florida International University, 2005

    Curriculum Vitae

    Current Courses

    Psychology 1250 - Develompental Psychology

    Psychology 1115/1117 - Thinking about Thinking


    Definitely interested in accepting new graduate students for Fall 2017


    Society for Research in Child Development

    Cognitive Development Society

    Association for Psychological Science

    Jonathan D. Lane

    Assistant Professor

    My research is characterized by two interrelated themes. One theme is children's understanding of the mind or their "theory of mind." My studies examine developmental predictors of children's theory of mind (e.g., temperament), social-cognitive consequences of theory of mind development (e.g., moral reasoning, hostile attributions of intent, and how children learn from others), and the flexibility of children's theory of mind as evidenced in their understanding of non-human minds (e.g., all-knowing minds). The second theme focuses on children's understandings of the counterintuitive and counter-perceptual. Much of my work is focused on how children mentally represent ideas that defy their intuitions or first-hand perceptions (e.g., understanding that invisible entities can cause observable phenomena), as well as factors that influence children's belief in such ideas—including the nature of the claims, the expertise of the informants, and children’s own representational abilities and intuitions. 

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