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Contact Information

(615) 343-4742
309B Hobbs

Research Area

  • Clinical Science
  • Developmental Science
  • Education

    Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 2002)

    Chase Lesane-Brown

    Senior Lecturer

    Chase Lesane-Brown's research interests include the socialization messages Black parents transmit to their children about race, racial identity development, the process of parent-child communication about health, and coping mechanisms used by children with a chronic illness. Her most recent project uses a daily diary method to investigate pain, stress, and coping experiences among children diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

    Lesane-Brown's lines of research intersect at the level of the family and all have implications for the overall mental and physical health of Black children. She addresses the following questions in her research program: How do parents transmit socialization messages? Why are some socialization messages incorporated into children's values and beliefs while others are not? Does the process of parent-child communication about race differ from parent-child communication about health? What role does the cultural/historical context play in the transmittal and consequences of certain socialization messages? What are the relationships between race and health socialization and psychological well-being? Finally, what roles do racial identity and racial discrimination play in the onset and experience of sickle cell pain?