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(615) 322-8218
313A Hobbs

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Ph.D. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1988)

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Will not be accepting new graduate students for Fall 2014

Bahr Weiss

Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development
Visiting Foreign Professor, Vietnam National University
Senior Fellow, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health

Professor Weiss' main areas of research interest are assessment of the efficacy, and factors predictive of the efficacy, of child psychotherapy under non-research conditions; development of psychological interventions for non-Western populations; and comorbidity in child psychopathology.

Particular interests are understanding what factors are responsible for the apparent differences in the effectiveness of child therapy under research and non-research conditions, and using knowledge of these factors to improve the effectiveness of child therapy under naturalistic conditions. Particular interests are the modification of psychological interventions for use with Southeast Asian refugee children, which necessitates understanding how these children's culture might influence response to interventions developed for Euro-and Afro-Americans. Particular interests are understanding the dimensions of comorbidity (e.g., whether it occurs at the broadband level - Internalizing and Externalizing problems - or at the narrowband level - aggression and depression), the consequences of comorbidity, and causal relations among the comorbid problem areas.

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