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Subject-Running Room: The lab is equipped with four eMac comptuers for subject-running.

Eye Tracking: We have an Arrington Research eye tracker set up on a power Mac G4 with a custom mount, and have developed software to create fixation records superimposed on 30fps quicktime video.

DV Editing: We have a digital video editing workstation based on a dual-processor G5 Mac and Final Cut Pro. This workstation includes a Sony DV VCR, studio video monitor, and DV-analog converter.

Digital Photography and Video Creation: The lab has a full production setup to allow creation of still-image and video stimuli. Still cameras include a Nikon Coolpix and a Canon EOS 10D. We also have a pair of Sony TRV- 130 DV camcorders, and a Panasonic AGDVX100P for professional-level quality. The lab also has lighting kits, and a range of microphones for flexible video production.

We are currently setting up miniBird magnetic hand tracking system to explore the

The lab has several Mac and PC workstations equipped with a range of software for image editing, programming, experiment control, statistics, and word processing.