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Special Initiatives

College Halls

  • Susan Barge, Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives

Digital Learning

  • Cynthia J. Cyrus, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

The National College Health Improvement Project (NCHIP) – Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking

  • Chair: Dr. John Greene, Associate Dean of Student Health and Wellness
  • Mark Bandas, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
  • Andrew Finch, Assistant Professor, HOD Faculty
  • Dorothy Gager, M.Div., LCSW, Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Louise Hanson, Medical Director, Student Health Center
  • Patricia Helland, Associate Dean of Students; Assessment
  • Tina L. Smith, Assistant Dean of Students; Student Health and Wellness
  • Mary Yarbrough, Director, Faculty & Staff Health and Wellness

Provost’s Committee on Sexual Assault

  • Chair: Prof. Yoli Redero, School of Law
  • Charlotte Pierce-Baker (WGS)
  • Beth Conklin (A&S)
  • Trudy Stringer (Divinity)
  • Florence Sanchez (Engineering)
  • Paddy Peerman (Nursing)
  • Yolanda Redero (Law)
  • Maury Nation (Peabody)
  • Joe Wehby (Peabody)
  • Rosevelt Noble (A&S)
  • Ken Pence (Engineering)
  • Legal Advisor: Sheree Wright (General Counsel)

First Responders Work Group

  • Chair: Nora Spencer, Women’s Center and LGBTQI Life
  • Anna Guest-Jelley, Women’s Center and Green Dots Committee
  • Candice Lee, Athletics
  • Daniel Swinton, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
  • Greg Robinson, VUPD
  • Gretchen Person, Religious Life
  • Jyl Shaffer, VUPD Victims Advocate
  • Kayti Protos, Women’s Center/Project Safe
  • Larry Reese, VUPD
  • Margie Gale, Work/Life Connections
  • Megan Bowles, Student Health
  • Randy Tarkington, Housing and Residential Education
  • Rose Hearn, Student Health
  • Sandy Stahl, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Valerie DeLeon, NROTC Victims Advocate
  • Vida Sobie, PCC
  • Kevin Davis, General Counsel

Student Alcohol  and Prescription Drug Use Task Force

  • Mary Yarbrough, Chair, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Executive Director of Faculty/Staff Health and Wellness Program
  • Brian Christman, Professor of Medicine (ex officio)
  • Richard Clayton Arrington, Senior Director, Campus Student Events
  • Lawrence Dowdy, Professor of Computer Science
  • Andrew J. Finch, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Human and Organizational Development
  • Louise Hanson, Medical Director, Student Health Center
  • Adam Meyer, Senior, Vanderbilt Student Government President
  • Paul Ragan, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
  • Scott Rodgers, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs
  • Anderson Spickard Jr, Professor of Medicine Emeritus, and Former Head and founder of Vanderbilt Intensive Treatment of Alcohol program
  • Tina L. Smith, Assistant Dean, Student Health and Wellness
  • August Washington, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Police