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Chancellor’s Award for Research

The Chancellor’s Awards for Research recognize excellence in research, scholarship, or creative expression. All tenured and tenure-track members of the Vanderbilt faculty are eligible for consideration. The awards are given for works presented or published in the preceding three calendar years. Up to five awards may be given each year. Works by research teams are eligible for consideration. The award carries a stipend of $1,000 and an engraved pewter julep cup.

Chancellor’s Award for Research nomination guidelines

Previous Winners


  • Jeffrey R. Balser (Anesthesiology)
  • Rebecca L. Brown (Law)
  • Daniel M. Fleetwood (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
    Sokrates Theodore Pantelides (Physics & Astronomy)
    Ronald D. Schrimpf (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Alfred L. George, Jr. (Medicine)
  • Nilanjan Sarkar (Mechanical Engineering)


  • Randolph Blake (Psychology)
    Joseph S. Lappin (Psychology)
  • Gabor Karsai (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
    Janos Sztipanovits (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Robert A. Knop, Jr. (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Marilyn L. Murphy (Art)


  • A.B. Bonds (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Martin Egli (Biochemistry)
    Carl H. Johnson (Biological Sciences)
  • Douglas P. Hardin (Mathematics)
    Edward B. Saff (Mathematics)
  • Nancy J. King (Law)
  • René Marois (Psychology)
  • David A.Weintraub (Physics & Astronomy)


  • Kenneth C. Catania (Biological Sciences)
    G. Kane Jennings (Chemical Engineering)
  • Walter J. Chazin (Biochemistry)
    Ellen H. Fanning (Biological Sciences)
  • Daniela Drummond-Barbosa (Cell and Developmental Biology)
  • E. Duco Jansen (Biomedical Engineering)
    Changqing Kao (Neurological Surgery)
    Peter E. Konrad (Neurological Surgery)
    Anita Mahadevan-Jansen (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Hassane S. Mchaourab (Molecular Physiology and Biophysics)


  • Bruce Hans Appel (Biological Sciences)
  • James E. Crowe, Jr. (Pediatrics)
  • Peter T. Cummings (Chemical Engineering)
  • Richard Douglas Lloyd (Sociology)
  • Daphne Manoussaki (Mathematics)
  • Keivan Guadalupe Stassun (Physics & Astronomy)


  • Michael Goldfarb (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Douglas G. McMahon (Biological Sciences)
  • Tracy G. Miller (History of Art)
  • Frank Tong (Psychology A&S)
  • Mark A. Wollaeger (English)


  • Yanqin Fan (Economics)
  • Irina N. Kaverina (Cell & Development Biology)
  • Gordon Dennis Logan (Psychology, A&S)
    Thomas J. Palmeri (Psychology, A&S)
    Jeffery D. Schall (Psychology, A&S)
  • James G. Patton (Biological Sciences)
  • Eric Patrick Skaar (Microbiology & Immunology)


  • Tony Lee Earley (English)
  • Judy Garber (Psychology, Peabody College)
  • Todd R. Graham (Biological Sciences)
  • Björn C. Knollmann (Pharmacology)
  • Charles R. Sanders II (Biochemistry)


  • Brandt F. Eichman (Biological Sciences)
  • Larry W. Isaac (Sociology)
  • Jeffrey N. Johnston (Chemistry)
  • Robert M. Kessler (Radiology & Radiological Sciences; Psychiatry)
    David H. Zald (Psychology; Psychiatry)
  • Antonis Rokas (Biological Sciences)


  • Darryl J. Bornhop (Chemistry)
  • William O. Cooper (Pediatrics)
  • Colin Dayan (English)
  • Kelly Oliver (Philosophy)
  • Holly A. Tucker (French & Italian)


  • Randy D. Blakely (Pharmacology)
    Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele (Psychiatry)
  • Vivien Casagrande (Cell & Developmental Biology)
  • Deyu LI (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Betsey Robinson (History of Art)
  • Daniel J. Sharfstein (Law)


  • Seth R. Bordenstein (Biological Sciences)
  • Joshua C. Denny (Biomedical Informatics)
  • Isabel Gauthier (Psychology)
  • Joel F. Harrington (History)
  • Holly J. McCammon (Sociology)