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Alumni Education Award

The Alumni Education Award is given each year to a faculty member who has contributed substantially to developing or participating in those programs of the Vanderbilt Alumni Association that further the education of alumni. Any full-time faculty member actively engaged in teaching in any of the schools or colleges is eligible.

Final selection is made by the Chancellor on the basis of a recommendation from the board of directors of the Alumni Association. The education committee of the Association is responsible for initiating the nomination. Nominations are solicited through Vanderbilt Magazine, through Vanderbilt Clubs, and from various active participants in alumni programs.

The award consists of a cash prize of $2,500 and an engraved julep cup. It is presented at the spring meeting of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The first recipient was named in 1982.

Previous Winners

  • 1982 John Compton (Philosophy)
  • 1983 Susan Ford Wiltshire (Classical Studies)
  • 1984 Liston O. Mills (Divinity)
  • 1985 Mary Louise Donalson (Nursing)
  • 1986 F. Hamilton Hazlehurst (Fine Arts)
  • 1987 Enid Katahn (Blair School)
  • 1988 Michael P. Hodges (Philosophy)
  • 1989 Walter Harelson (Divinity)
  • 1990 Alexander Heard (Political Science)
  • 1991 John Lachs (Philosophy)
  • 1992 Milan Mihal (Fine Arts)
  • 1993 Vereen M. Bell (English)
  • 1994 Erwin C. Hargrove (Political Science)
  • 1995 H. Jackson Forstman (Divinity)
  • 1996 Taylor Wang (Engineering)
  • 1997 Barbara Tsakirgis (Classical Studies)
  • 1998 Francis Wcislo (History)
  • 1999 Marshall C. Eakin (History)
  • 2000 Leonard Folgarait (Fine Arts)
  • 2001 Kassian A. Kovalcheck, Jr. (Communication Studies)
  • 2002 Vivien G. Fryd (Fine Arts)
  • 2003 M. Fräncille Bergquist (Spanish)
  • 2004 Arthur A. Demarest (Anthropology)
  • 2005 Michael Alec Rose (Music Composition)
  • 2006 Robert Mode (Art and Art History)
  • 2007 Rick Chappell (Science and Research Communications)
  • 2008 Thomas Schwartz (History)
  • 2009 Vivien Fryd (Art and Art History)
  • 2011 Barbara Tsakirgis, (Classics & History of Art)
  • 2012 Mark Abkowitz (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • 2013 John Lachs (Philosophy)
  • 2014 John Geer (Political Science)