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Graduate and Professional School Application Help

General Application Information

Your program website is the best resource for information about the application process, including:

  • Program specializations and research initiatives
  • Admission requirements
  • Application deadlines
  • Decision Dates
  • Financial support available for your program
  • Tuition and fees
  • Arranging a campus visit
  • Deferring an application to a future term
  • Reapplying for a program
  • Transfer credit policies

To locate your program's website, simply go to go to Vanderbilt's homepage and enter your program in the search box.

You can browse programs at Graduate and Professional School Admissions. Under Related Links, click on Disciplines and Majors.

If you are applying to a Graduate School program, you will also want to review the Graduate School's Information for Prospective Students.

Helpful Links

Below are links that may be helpful to you as you go through the admission process.

Testing Agencies:

Browse Graduate and Professional Programs:

Other Vanderbilt sites of Interest:


I am having trouble logging into my application because I have forgotten my password or my e-mail address has changed. How do I re-establish a log in?

To reset a password go to the log in page and click on Log in and once the log in page opens, you will see a forgotten password option.

To update your email address:

  • If you have not yet submitted your application, log in with your old e-mail and open your application. Navigate to the Personal page of the application and the Email Address section. Click on Change to update your email address.
  • If you have submitted your application, log in and go to the Application Status page. Scroll down to Account Tools and select Change Email Address.   If you have submitted more than one application you must first select one of your applications from the Manage Application page.
  • After updating your e-mail address, an activation link will be sent to the new e-mail address. Follow the instructions in this e-mail to connect your application log in to your new e-mail address.

Can I apply to more than one program for a term?

You may apply to two programs per term.

I started/submitted an application last year but did not enroll. If I want to apply again this year, do I have to start over?

Yes. You will need to submit a new application, including all required materials.

How should I approach the Statement of Purpose?

The Statement of Purpose is an essay about why you are applying to the graduate program for which you have applied. Your statement should include why you are motivated to pursue a degree in the program, what you have done to prepare yourself, and what you hope to accomplish during and after your training.

How do I upload my unofficial transcripts and other materials I want to submit?

You can upload unofficial transcripts and other pertinent materials on the Applicant Status page once you have submitted your application. This upload option is not available until you submit your application.

Where do I mail my official transcripts?

Most programs do not require official transcripts unless an offer of admission is made and accepted by you.  At that time, official transcripts should be mailed to the address shown below.  If, however, your program requires official transcripts as part of your application, they should be mailed to the address below. Your checklist on the Application Status page will indicate if you need to submit an official transcript:

  • Center for Data Management
    Vanderbilt University
    PMB 407833
    2301 Vanderbilt Place
    Nashville, TN 37240-7833

What is the difference between an unofficial and official transcript?

To be considered official, a transcript must be sent directly from your institution to Vanderbilt. All other transcripts are considered unofficial.   If your previous institution provides you a student copy or electronic copy of your transcript, it is perfectly acceptable to upload it as your unofficial transcript.

How do I change information that I submitted on my application?

You can update some items from your Application Status page even after you have submitted your application.

  • Address – To manage address information, on the Application Status page, click on Edit Address.
  • E-mail – To change your email address, go to the Application Status page, scroll down to Account Tools at the bottom of the page and click on Change Email Address. Once you enter your new e-mail address, a new account activation link will be e-mailed to that address.
  • Send reminder e-mails to your recommenders– Go to the Application Status page, scroll down to the end of the Application Checklist section, and click on recommendations page.
  • Test Scores – To add additional test scores, please have the testing agency send your test scores directly to Vanderbilt. See Helpful Links for a list of testing agencies.
  • To update any other information on your submitted application, please contact your program.

How do I check on the status of my application?

Once your application has been submitted, your log in will take you to your Application Status page. This page contains important information on the status of your application. Use the Application Checklist to verify which application requirements have been met and which are still outstanding.

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have about your application or the application process. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Most univeristy offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Send general questions about completing and submitting your application to:

Please be specific in your request and include your name and the program and term to which you are applying in your email.

For questions about program requirements, application deadlines, updating application data after submission, visiting campus, withdrawing or deferring your application, readmission, or other program specific questions, please contact your program.

To locate your program's website, simply go to go to Vanderbilt's home page and enter your program in the search box.

You can browse programs at Graduate and Professional School Admissions. Under Related Links, click on Disciplines and Majors.

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