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2010-2011 Academic Year News

Here is a selection of the publicized events that occurred in the 2010-2011 academic year at Vanderbilt.
  • Some Publications of Vanderbilt Faculty and Students
    • LAPOP scholars mentioned in Time Magazine article.
    • Prof. Marc Hetherington and graduate student Jason Husser had their article, ''How Trust Matters: The Changing Political Relevance of Political Trust,'' accepted to be published in The American Journal of Political Science
    • Prof. Bruce Oppenheimer, graduate student Gbemende Johnson, and graduate Jennifer Selin had their paper, "The House as a Stepping Stone to the Senate: Why Do So Few African-American House Members Run?" accepted at the American Journal of Political Science.
    • Prof. Zeynep Somer-Topcu and Professor Kathleen Bawn (UCLA) had their article, "Government versus Opposition at the Polls: How Governing Status Changes the Impact of Policy Position on Vote Share" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Political Science.
    • Prof. James Booth's article, "From this Far Place: On Justice and Absence" has been published in the American Political Science Review, Vol. 105, No. 4 November 2011, pp.750-764

    • Congratulations to Prof. Josh Clinton and Prof. David Lewis just had their article, "Separated Powers in the United States: The Ideology of Agencies, Presidents and Congress" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Political Science (with Tony Bertelli, Christian Grose, and David Nixon).
    • Prof. Josh Clinton just had his article, "Congress, Lawmaking and the Fair Labor Standards Act, 1971-2000" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Political Science.

    • Congratulations to Prof. Mitchell A. Seligson for his recent publication in the British Journal of Political Science entitled "The Participatory Personality: Evidence from Latin America"

    • Prof. Elizabeth Zechmeister and graduate student Margarita Corral had their article, "Individual and Contextual Constraints on Ideological Labels in Latin America" accepted for publication in Comparative Political Studies.

    • Prof. Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden are metioned in a recent Newsweek article describing research recently published in AJPS.  The article is titled, "Why Female Politicians Are More Effective".
    • Prof. Katherine Carroll had the lead article in the Winter 2011 Edition (Volume 65, Number 1) of Middle East Journal .
    • Congratulations to graduate student Eelco van der Maat for his recent publication in theJournal of Peace Research entitled “Sleeping Hegemons: Third-Party Intervention Following Territorial Integrity Transgressions.”
    • Prof. Cindy Kam and graduate student Stephen Utych , had their article, "Close Elections and Cognitive Engagment" accepted for publication in the Journal of Politics.
    • Stacy Clifford, George J. Graham Fellow in the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities and Department of Political Science Ph.D. candidate, had her article, "Making Disability Public in Deliberative Democracy" accepted for publication in Contemporary Political Theory.
    • Prof. Klint Alexander (Political Science, Law) recently published Higher Education Law: Policy and Perspectives (Routledge, 2010). The text, authored with Prof. Kern Alexander of the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, is a comprehensive guide to higher education law in the United States.
    • Prof. Jon Hiskey publishes three articles with Vanderbilt graduate and undergraduate coauthors. Prof. Hiskey, Ph.D. student Mason Moseley, and former Vanderbilt undergraduate Jed Goldberg recently published an article in Electoral Studies. Prof. Hiskey and Ph.D. candidate Diana Orces have published an article in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Prof. Hiskey and VU Ph.D. Abby Córdoba have published a chapter in an edited volume entitled “Migration and Remittances: Trends, Impacts, and New Challenges.”
    • Prof. Cindy Kam's forthcoming work (with Donald R. Kinder), "Ethnocentrism as a Short-term Force in the 2008 American Presidential Election" was accepted by the American Journal of Political Science.
  • Some Grants and Awards won by Vanderbilt Faculty and Students
    • Prof. Cindy Kam just received the "Emerging Scholar Award" for the APSA section on Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior and was named the winner of the International Society of Political Psychology's Erik H. Erikson Award for exceptional achievement by a scholar within 10 years of their PhD.
    • Graduate students Brian Faughnan and Arturo Maldonado  won research grants for Summer 2011. Mr. Faughnan was awarded Vanderbilt’s Dissertation Enhancement Grant to carry out field research in Colombia this summer, while Mr. Maldonado received the Center for Latin American Studies Tinker Research Grant that will fund his upcoming research in Peru.
    • Ph.D. Candidate John Hudak's  paper, "The Politics of Federal Grants: Presidential Influence Over the Distribution of Federal Funds" was awarded the Westview Press Award for the best graduate student paper presented at the 2010 Midwest Political Science Association's meetings.
    • Prof. Brooke Ackerly and Vanderbilt Ph.D. José Miguel Cruz win Best Paper award. Prof. Brooke Ackerly and Ph.D. candidate José Miguel Cruz’s paper entitled “Hearing the Voice of the People: Human Rights as if People Mattered” will receive the Christian Bay Award from the American Political Science Association’s New Political Science section.
    • Prof. Liz Zechmeister has received a collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to look at the public opinion consequences of the recent magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile. The funds covered the cost of oversample and of geocoding (via handheld GPS units) interviews conducted in that country, as part of the LAPOP's 2010 AmericasBarometer survey.
    • Prof. Brooke Ackerly in collaboration with faculty in Vanderbilt's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES), Department of Sociology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Vanderbilt Institute of Energy and Environment, as well as the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University received three years of funding from the Office of Naval Research to study "Environmental Stress and Human Migration in a Low-Lying Developing Nation: A Comparison of Co-Evolving Natural and Human Landscapes in the Physically and Culturally Diverse Context of Bangladesh"
  • Other Notable News involving Vanderbilt Faculty and Students
    • Prof. Mitchell Seligson was honored as Centennial Professor of Political Science
    • Prof. Marc Hetherington has been elected as President of the Political Organizations and Parties section of APSA
    • The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce that Professor Larry Bartels of Princeton University has agreed to join our faculty and will be moving to Nashville with his wife Denise this summer.
    • Vanderbilt welcomes Associate Professor Alan Wiseman (Ph.D. Stanford University) and Assistant Professor Monique Lyle (Ph.D. Duke University) to campus in the fall of 2010. Prof. Wiseman joins Vanderbilt from Ohio State University, where he was an Associate Professor of Political Science. Prof. Lyle joins Vanderbilt after spending two years as a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy at the University of Michigan.
    • Vanderbilt Undergraduate Political Science majors present research at national meeting. Two Vanderbilt undergraduates had the rare opportunity to present their research findings on the influence of patronage on presidential appointments and government performance at the 2010 Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Nick Gallo, a graduating senior and political science major, and Gabe Horton, a junior with a double major in political science and religious studies, were mentored by Vanderbilt Professor of Political Science David Lewis.

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