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Department Events, 2010-2011

2010-2011 Experimental Methods Speaker Series, co-sponsored by CSDI and RIPS

  • 2/10/11: Chuck Taber, Stonybrook, "Principles of Color"
  • 2/17/11: Nick Valentino, University of Michigan, "The Antecendents of Immigration Opinion in the U.S.:Ethnocentrism, Economic Interests, and Media Threats"
  • 2/24/11: Paul Sniderman, Stanford University, "The Reputation Premium: A Theory of Party Identification and Spatial Reasoning"
  • 3/15/11: Rick Lau, Rutgers University, "Two-Part Presentation on the Dynamic Process Tracing Environment (DPTE)"
  • 3/24/11: Beth Miller, University of Missouri-Kansas City, "Failing to Recall: Interfering with Memory for Campaign Information"

2010 - 2011  Junior Faculty Speaker Series

  • 3/16/11: Randy Stevenson, Rice University
  • 4/19/11: Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley, "The American Non-Partisan: Race, Immigration, and the Changing Face of Party Identification"

2010 - 2011  International Relations Colloquium

  • 2/2/11: Kenneth Schultz, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, "Endogenous Sources of Compliance with Territorial Agreements"
  • 3/3/11: Adbulkader Sinno, Associate Professor of Political Science and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University, "Education, Income and Support for Suicide Bombings: Evidence from Six Muslim Countries"
  • 4/11/11: Sarah Kreps, Assistant Professor of Government at Cornell University, "The Price is Wrong: Why Democracies Underestimate the Cost of Conflict"
  • 4/21/11: Dr. Julien Zarifian, University of Cergy-Pontoise, "The Lobbying of Armenian-Americans and its Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy"

2010-2011 CSDI Speaker Series

  • 9/10/10: Scott Ashworth, Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago
  • 9/17/10: Dan Pemsein, CSDI Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • 9/24/10: Adam Levine, CSDI Post-Doctoral Fellow, "The Effects of Microtargeting on Participation Decisions"
  • 10/05/10: Mark McKinnon, Vice Chairman of Public Strategies, Inc. and Co-Founder of No Labels
  • 10/15/10: Jack Wright, Professor of Political Science at Ohio State University, "Partisan and Group Forces in Congress: An Analysis of Corporate and Labor Influences in the U.S. House, 1986 - 2004"
  • 10/28/10: Tom Mann, "The 2010 Midterm Elections: Driving Forces, Likely Outcomes, Possible Consequences"
  • 11/12/10: Keith Krehbiel, the Edward B. Rust Professor of Political Science at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and CSDI Visiting Professor, "...bipartisanship?"
  • 12/03/10: Chris Achen, the Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences at Princeton University, "Realignments Are Not about Issues"
  • 1/21/11: Simon Jackman, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, and Lynn Vavreck, Associate Professor of Political Science at UCLA, "Cosmopolitanism"
  • 2/4/11: Tracy Sulkin, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Commitment and Consequences: Reneging on Cosponsorship Pledges in the U.S. House"
  • 2/11/11: Dan Gingerich, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Virginia, "Dividing the Dirty Dollar: The Allocation and Impact of Illicit Campaign Funds in a Gubernatorial Contest in Brazil"
  • 2/24/11: CSDI & First Amendment Center Event featuring Washington Post White House Correspondent Anne Kornblut, "Is America Ready to Elect a Woman President?  Sarah Palin and the 2012 Presidential Election"
  • 3/14/11: Christian Grose, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern California, "Legislator Shirking: Two Field Experiments"
  • 3/18/11: Rick Valelly, the Claude C. Smith '14 Professor of Political Science at Swathmore College, "Desegregating the Straight State: The Obama Administration in Historical Perspective"
  • 3/25/11: Christopher Loss, Vanderbilt University, "Toward a New Synthesis of the Politics of American Higher Education in the Twentieth Century"
  • 4/5/11: Kevin Stack and Michael Vandenbergh, the Vanderbilt University School of Law, "The One Percent Problem"
  • 4/22/11: Sam Workman, Assistant Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin, "Confronting the Administrative Presidency: Analytical Bureaucracy and Congressional Governance"
  • 4/29/11: Dan Pemstein, CSDI Post-Doctoral Fellow, "Brussels Bound: Candidate Selection in European Elections"

George J. Graham Memorial Graduate Student Symposium Series

  • 9/2/10: Eelco van der Maat, "Structural Causes of Civil Conflict: Using fs/QCA To Improve Civil War Prediction"
  • 11/15/10: Becca McBride, "Russia's Commitment to Intercountry Adoption: Child-Flow Network Trends and Treaty Commitment" and Brian Faughnan, "A Legitimate Risk?  Coporatism's Effect on Democratic Attitudes in Subnational Columbia"
  • 11/27/10: Margarita Corral, "Ideological Labels in Latin America" and Alejandro Diaz-Dominguez, "Resurrecting Religion: A Mechanics of Religion's Influence on Political Preferences"
  • 12/13/10: Gbmende Johnson, "Executive Control and Judicial Deference" and Steve Utych, "Network Connections: The Differential Effects of Network News and Political Blogs on Extreme Issue Opinions"
  • 3/14/11: Anna Carella, "Gendered Development: Thinking Through the Consequences of the Girl Effect"
  • 3/14/11: Brian Faughnan, "Business as Usual during Democratic Change: Corruption in Mexico's Varying Political Environments" (with Jonathan Hiskey and Scott Revey)
  • 3/21/11: John Hudak, "Aiding and Abetting the President: Agency Responsiveness to Presidential Electoral Interests"
  • 3/29/11: Stacy Clifford, "Indispensable Idiocy: Social Contract Theory and Cognitive Disability"
  • 4/8/11: Steve Utych, "The Paradox of Choice in Political Life" (with PSCI 370 Experimental Methods class)
  • 4/8/11: Gbmende Johnson and Jen Selin, "The House as a Stepping Stone to the Senate: Why Do So Few African-American House Members Run?" (with Bruce Oppenheimer)
  • 4/8/11: Becca McBride, "The Coevolution of Child-Flow Networks and Cooperative Behavior: A Network Analysis of Intercountry Adoption"
  • 4/8/11: Ted Briggs, "Unequal Digital Representation in Mexico"
  • 4/25/11: Mollie Cohen and Brian Faughnan, "Vote Buying in the Americas" (with Liz Zechmeister)
  • 4/25/11: Alejandro Diaz-Dominguez, "The Conditional Latin American Catholic Involvement in Politics"

2010-2011 LAPOP Speakers

  • 2/28/11: Lisa Baldez, Associate Professor of Government & Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies at Dartmouth, "The Impact of the Women's Rights Treaty in Latin America"
  • 3/21/11: Michelle Taylor-Robinson, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs at Texas A & M, "Central Versus Peripheral Cabinet Posts in Presidential Democracies: How Who You Are Determines Where You Sit"
  • 4/28/11: Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia, "Institutions as Democratic Ideals: Political Engagement and Gender across Democracies"
  • 5/2/11: Dr. Manuel Alcantara, Founder and Director of the Parliamentary Elites in Latin America (PELA) Project at the University of Salamanca, "Quince Anos de Estudio de las Elites Parlamentarias el America Latina"

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