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Department Events, 2009-2010

  • Fall 2009 Public Opinion Speaker Series, co-sponsored by CSDI and RIPS
    • 10/29/09: Vincent Hutchings (University of Michigan), “Wedge Politics: The Structure and Function of Racial Group Cues in American Politics”
    • 11/12/09: Bethany Albertson (University of Texas, Austin), “Fear and Learning in Political Debates: How Do Anxious Citizens Get Their News?"
    • 11/19/09: Don Kinder (University of Michigan), “Phantom Landslide? Race, Obama, and the 2008 Election”
    • 12/3/09: Jennifer Jerit (Florida State University), “External Validity in Survey Experiments”
  • Spring 2010 International Relations Colloquium
    • 1/29/10: David Leblang (University of Virginia), "Defying the Law of Gravity: The Political Economy of International Migration."
    • 2/12/10: Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa), "What Did They Leave Behind? Legal Systems, Colonial Legacies, and Human Rights Practices."
    • 4/9/10: Robert Trager (UCLA), "Multi-Dimensional Diplomacy"
    • 4/16/10: Alexander Wendt (Ohio State University), "Preface to a Quantum Social Science"
  • 2009-2010 CSDI Speaker Series
    • 9/18/09: Dan Pemstein (CSDI Fellow), “Predicting Roll Calls with Legislative Text”
    • 10/2/09: Gary Gerstle (VU History), “Radical Democracy and Moneyed Influence on Politics: An American Paradox, 1824-1944”
    • 10/9/09: Tana Johnson (CSDI Fellow), “The Effect of International Government Organizations on Institutional Design”
    • 10/30/09: Josh Clinton (VU), “Much Ado about Nothing? The Effects of Open Primaries on Legislative Behavior”
    • 11/6/09: Jose Miguel Cruz (VU PhD Candidate, LAPOP), “Transnational Gangs, Non-State Armed Groups, and Fault Lines of Transitions in Central America”
    • 11/13/09: Ed Rubin (VU, Law and Political Science), “Ulysses and the Sirens vs. Jason and Pygmalion: An Essay on the Purpose of the Constitution”
    • 11/20/09: David Lewis (VU) and Gabe Horton (CSDI Undergraduate Fellow), “Turkey Farms, Patronage, and Obama Administration Appointments”
    • 1/15/10: Cindy Kam (VU), Liz Zechmeister (VU), and Jennifer Anderson (VU PhD Candidate), “Political Science Experiments at VU: An Introduction to the RIPS Lab”
    • 1/22/10: Paula McClain (Duke University), “Black and White Americans and Latino Immigrants: A Preliminary Look at Attitudes in Three Southern Cities”
    • 2/5/10: Ryan Owens (Harvard University), “Solicitor General Influence and the United States Supreme Court”
    • 2/26/10: Marc Hetherington (VU) and Jason Husser (VU PhD Candidate), “How Trust Matters: The Changing Political Relevance of Political Trust”
    • 3/19/10: Liz Zechmeister (VU) and Jennifer Merolla (Claremont Graduate University), “Evaluating Political Leaders in Times of Economic and Terrorist Threat: The Joint Relevance of Incumbency and Politician Partisanship”
    • 3/24/10: John Geer (VU) and Lynn Vavreck (UCLA), “Repositioning Candidates”
    • 4/16/10: John Griffin (Notre Dame), “Racial Differences in Inequality Aversion: Evidence from Real World Respondents in the Ultimatum Game”
    • 5/7/10: Cindy Kam (VU) and Liz Zechmeister (VU), “Name Recognition and Vote Choice”
  • 2009-2010 CSDI Conferences and Special Events
    • 10/22/09-10/24/09: Conference on Legislative Elections, Process, and Policy: The Influence of Bicameralism
    • 4/1/10: Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson, “The Battle for America”, a discussion on the 2008 election of President Obama and its impact on the 2010 Congressional elections, moderated by John Geer (VU) and John Seigenthaler (VU First Amendment Center)
    • 4/2/10: International Relations Workshop (Eric Gartzke, UCSD; Karen Mingst, University of Kentucky; Jim Morrow, University of Michigan; Bob Powell, UC Berkeley; Peter Rosendorff, NYU; Michael Tomz, Stanford)
  • George J. Graham Memorial Graduate Student Symposium Series
    • 3/18/10: Mariana Rodriguez, "The Effect of Perceptions of Crime and Economic Well-being On Chávez’s Popularity"
    • 3/18/10: Jason Husser, "Polarized Religion: The Political Sorting of American Churches”
    • 3/25/10: John Hudak, "Presidential Influence Over Federal Grants"
    • 3/25/10: Mason Moseley, "The Normalization of a Contentious Repertoire: The Determinants of Protest Participation in Argentina"
    • 3/31/10: Stacy Clifford "Indispensable Idiocy: Disability in the Development of John Locke's Thought"
    • 3/31/10: Liz Norell, "Disagreement All Around: The Role of Dissents to Denials of Certiorari"
    • 4/9/10: Jennifer Anderson, “Prime Time Politics: Television News and the Visual Framing of War”

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