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George J. Graham Memorial Graduate Student Symposium Series

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Prof. Cindy Kam
Director of Graduate Studies

Office: 343 Commons Center
Tel: (615) 322-4946
Fax: (615) 343-6003

Mailing address:
Department of Political Science
Vanderbilt University
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Nashville, TN 37212

In memoriam of George J. Graham.

Spring 2017:

3/29/17: Michael Shepard and Hye Young You - “My Last Term in Congress: Career Concerns of Revolving Door Lobbyists and Policy Bias”

3/29/17: Andrew Engelhardt and Steven Utych - “Malzhan vs. Saban or Trump vs. Clinton? Partisan discrimination in apolitical settings.”

3/29/17: Maggie Deichert - “Partisan Cultural Stereotypes and the Effects of Subconscious Partisan Categorization”

3/29/17: Sheahan Virgin - “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) and the State-level Determinants of Electoral College Reform”

3/29/17: Scott Limbocker - “Presidential Control of Staffing in the Obama Administration"

3/29/17: Marc Trussler - “Get Information of Get in Formation? The Effect of High-Information Environments on Partisan Voting”.  

4/3/17: Dan Alexander and Bryan Rooney - “Vote buying by the United States in the United Nations”

4/3/17: Oscar Castorena and Gabriel Nicolas Camargo-Toledo - “When Presidents are coaches: World cup results affect citizens’ evaluations of the government”

4/3/17: Mollie Cohen - “Campaigning for No-One: Elite Mobilization of the Invalid Vote in Latin American Presidential Elections”

Fall 2016:

8/23/2016: Kaitlen Cassell -“Mass Support for Coup d’etats in Latin American and the Caribbean: 2004-2014
APSA Panel: Military Coups, Democratic Erosion, and Political Instability; September 2nd, 8am

8/23/2016: Mark Richardson -“Characterizing the Ideology of Federal Agencies: An Approach to Measuring Difficult-to-Observe Organizational Characteristics”
APSA Panel: Advances in Ideal Point Estimation; September 4th, 8am.

8/23/2016: Carrie Roush - “Believing the Worst: Out-Party Hostility and Receptiveness to Political Misinformation”
APSA Panel: Affect, Polarization, Party Identity; September 3rd, 8am.

8/23/2016: Bryan Rooney - “Emergency Powers in Democracies and International Conflict”

Fall 2015:

12/11/2015: Carrie Roush - "Other-Party Negativity and Partisan Bias"

12/11/2015: Mark Richardson - "Interest Groups and the Politics of Agency Design:  A Model of Agency Insulation"  

12/11/2015: Scott Limbocker - "Why Do Bureaucrats Give? Campaign Contributions to Presidential Candidates, 2004-2012"

8/25/2015: Allison Archer - "Advantage, Disadvantage and Partisans' Information Search"

8/25/2015: Mark Richardson - "Politicization and Expertise: Exit, Effort, and Investment"

Spring 2015:

4/13/2015: Meri Long - “The Use of Compassionate Appeals in Political Rhetoric”

4/13/2015: Beth Estes - "The Presence and Structure of Status Arguments in the Gay Marriage Debate"

4/13/2015: Carrie Roush - “What Partisan Sort?  Stable Policy Preferences in a Polarized Time”

4/13/2015: Whitney Lopez - "Migration, Remittances, and Perceptions of Women in Politics in Latin America"

4/13/2015: Fred Batista - "What Produces an Informed Citizenry? Political Knowledge in Comparative Perspective"

4/13/2015: Gabe Camargo-Toledo - "Political Sophistication and Clarity of Responsibility: Understanding the Conditional Economic Vote"

4/10/2015: Mark Richardson – ‘’Interest Groups and the Politics of Agency Design: A Model of Agency Insulation’’

4/10/2015: Claire Abernathy - "Does the Mail Matter? Constituent Correspondence and Legislative Decision-Making"

4/10/2015: Scott Limbocker - “Contributing Bureaucrats: Determinants of Bureaucrats’ Contribution Behavior and the Implications for Congressional-Bureaucratic Relations?”

4/10/2015: Allison Archer - "Advantage, Disadvantage and Partisans’ Information Search"

4/10/2015: Oscar Castorena - "Crime Concerns, Political Priorities, and Representative Responsiveness in Latin America"

4/6/2015: Matt DiLorenzo - "The Design of International Institutions for Humanitarian Aid"

4/6/2015: Drew Engelhardt - "Racial Attitudes Through a Partisan Lens"

4/6/2015: Gui Russo – ‘’Party Systems and Political Self-Efficacy: The Effect of Complexity of Politics on Citizens’ Perception of Efficacy’’

3/30/2015: Marc Trussler - "Somebody's Watching Me: The Negativity Bias in News Selection and the Hawthorne Effect"

3/30/2015: Matt Layton - "The Challenging Social Politics of Brazil's Bolsa Familia Program"

3/30/2015: Bryan Rooney - "Uncertainty, Third-Party Resolve, and International Conflict"

1/9/2015: Matt DiLorenzo - "Aid Bypass and Regime Survival"

1/9/2015: Mark Richardson - "Politicization and Endogenous Expertise Formation: Does Politicization Reduce Bureaucratic Investment in Policy Expertise?"

Fall 2014:

8/19/2014: Claire Abernathy "Correspondence Management on Capitol Hill: Examining the Treatment of Constituency Opinion Across Congressional Offices"

8/19/2014: Drew Engelhardt "Racial Tolerance through a Partisan Lens"

8/19/2014: Steve Utych "Human or Not? Political Rhetoric and Foreign Policy Attitudes"

Spring 2014 series featured the following talks:

1/9/2014: Matt DiLorenzo "Aid Bypass and Regime Survival"

1/9/2014: Mark Richardson "Politicization and Endogenous Expertise Formation: Does Politicization Reduce Bureaucratic Investment in Policy Expertise?"

3/12/2014: Jen Selin ''Agency Independence and Compliance with the Law''

3/12/2014: Steve Utych ''Dehumanizing the Cost of War: How Politicians Talk about Death in the Iraq War''

3/12/2014: Mollie Cohen ''Apathy, Political Information, and Invalid Voting''

3/12/2014: Laura Sellers ''The Middle Class, Insecurity, and Democracy in Latin America'' (with Liz Zechmeister and William Young)

3/26/2014: Matt DiLorenzo ''Leader Survival, Natural Disasters, and International Conflict''

3/26/2014: Eelco van der Maat

3/26/2014: Evan Haglund ''Presidential Priorities in the Appointments Process''

Fall 2013 series featured the following talks:

8/20/13: Camille Burge "The Tie that Binds?: Exploring the Roles of Group-Based and Intergroup Emotions in African-American Politics"

8/20/13: Evan Haglund "Help Wanted:  Presidential Prioritization in the Appointments Process"

8/20/13: Mason Moseley "Ballots and Blockades: Political Institutions and the Normalization of Protest in Latin America"

Spring 2013 series featured the following talks:

3/18/13: Brian Faughnan "The Effects of Colombia's National Coffee Federation on Conventional and Unconventional Political Behaviors"

3/18/13: Matthew Layton "Conditional Social Assistance and Civic Citizenship: Policy Feedback in Brazil"

3/18/13: Stephen Utych "Rhetoric about Death in Congressional Speeches"

3/18/13: Camille Burge "The Meaning and Implications of Racial Resentment across the Racial Divide" (with Cindy Kam)

3/18/13: Matthew DiLorenzo "Intergovernmental Organizations, State Socialization, and Domestic Political Change."

3/25/13: Claire Abernathy "Legislative Correspondence Management Practices: Congressional Offices and the Treatment of Constituency Opinion"

3/25/13: Jennifer Selin ''Political Responsiveness and Agency Independence''

3/25/13: Camille Burge "Rally Around Group Identity? Group Response to External Threats" (with Gbemende Johnson)

3/25/13: Eelco Van de Maat "Slipping Leaders and the Dogs of War: Authoritarian Elite Competition and Indiscriminate Violence"

Fall 2012:

8/21/12: Daniel Zizumbo, "Missing the Rally: Terrorism and the Rally Round the Flag Effect during the 2004 Spanish Elections"

8/21/12: Margarita Corral, "Electoral Rules and Political Representation in Bolivia"

8/21/12: Scott Limbocker, "Redefining the Third Face of Parties: Multiple Donor Networks in the Invisible Primary Stage of Presidential Nomination Campaigns, 2003-2011"

8/21/12: Steve Rogers, "Accountability in a Federal System"

12/4/12: Camille Burge, ''Talking about Emotions in Politics''

12/4/12: Farhana Loonat, ''The Social Construction of Shame in Rape''

12/4/12: Matthew Layton, ''Municipal versus National Electoral Cycles and Social Assistance Coverage in Brazil, 2004-2011''

Spring 2012:

3/26/12: Stephen Utych, "Information Seeking in Close Elections" (with Cindy Kam)

3/26/12: Brian Faughnan, "Substituting the State, The Colombian Coffee Federation's Effect on Democratic Behaviors and Attitudes"

3/26/12: Daniel Zizumbo-Colunga, "The Dark Side of Social Capital: The Interactive Role of Interpersonal Trust and Trust in Law Enforcement as Predictors of Support for Vigilante Justice"

3/12/12: Becca McBride, "The Coevolution of Child-Flow Networks and Cooperative Behavior: A Network Analysis of Intercountry Adoption"

3/12/12: Matthew Layton, "Going Hungry, Finding Voice: Food Insecurity and Democratic Politics in Mexico"

3/12/12: Stephen Utych: "Emotional Language in Politics"

Fall 2011 series:

8/19/11: Stacy Clifford, "Cognitive Disability: Developing a Transformative Methodology"

8/19/11: Brielle Harbin, "Joblessness Matters? African American and Latino Relations in the Changing Economic Context"

8/19/11: John Hudak, "Aiding and Abetting the President: Agency Responsiveness to Presidential Electoral Interests"

8/19/11: Gbemende Johnson, "Executive Control and Judicial Deference"

8/19/11: Becca McBride, "The Coevolution of Child-Flow Networks and Cooperative Behavior: A Network Analysis of Intercountry Adoption"

8/19/11: Mariana Rodriguez, "Autocracies Can Do It Too: Domestic Institutions and Cooperation by Nondemocracies"

8/19/11: Margarita Corral, "Are Citizens Evenly Represented in Latin America?"

8/19/11: Mason Moseley, "Contentious Clients: Disentangling the Relationship between Patronage Politics and Social Protest"

12/5/11: Matthew Layton, "Political Participation and Policy Feedback in Brazil's Bolsa Familia Program"

12/5/11: Arturo Maldonado, "Shifting Rationales: The Effect of Compulsory Voting Laws on Voter Turnout Decisions"

12/5/11: Mollie Cohen, "Reluctant vs. Content Clients?: Vote Buying in the Americas"

Spring 2011:

3/14/11: Anna Carella, "Gendered Development: Thinking Through the Consequences of the Girl Effect"

3/14/11: Brian Faughnan, "Business as Usual during Democratic Change: Corruption in Mexico's Varying Political Environments (with Jonathan Hiskey and Scott Revey)"

3/21/11: John Hudak, "Aiding and Abetting the President: Agency Responsiveness to Presidential Electoral Interests"

3/29/11: Stacy Clifford, "Indispensable Idiocy: Social Contract Theory and Cognitive Disability"

4/8/11: Steve Utych, "The Paradox of Choice in Political Life" (with PSCI 370 Experimental Methods class)

4/8/11: Gbemende Johnson and Jen Selin, "The House as a Stepping Stone to the Senate: Why Do So Few African-American House Members Run?" (with Bruce Oppenheimer)

4/8/11: Becca McBride, "The Coevolution of Child-Flow Networks and Cooperative Behavior: A Network Analysis of Intercountry Adoption"

4/8/11: Ted Briggs, "Unequal Digital Representation in Mexico"

4/25/11: Mollie Cohen and Brian Faughnan, "Vote Buying in the Americas" (with Liz Zechmeister)

4/25/11: Alejandro Diaz-Dominguez, "The Conditional Latin American Catholic Involvement in Politics"

Fall 2010:

8/27/10: Anna Carella, "Strong Arm or Weak Link? The Effect of State Capacity on Repression after Naming and Shaming" 

11/15/10: Brian Faughnan, "A Legitimate Risk? Corporatism's Effect on Democratic Attitudes in Subnational Colombia"

11/15/10: Becca McBride, "Russia's Commitment to Intercountry Adoption: Child-Flow Network Trends and Treaty Commitment"

11/27/10: Margarita Corral, "Ideological Labels in Latin America"

11/27/10: Alejandro Diaz-Dominguez, "Resurrecting Religion: A Mechanics of Religion's Influence on Political Preferences"

12/13/10: Gbemende Johnson, "Executive Control and Judicial Deference"

12/13/10: Stephen Utych, "Network Connections: The Differential Effects of Network News and Political Blogs on Extreme Issue Opinions"

Spring 2010:

3/18/10: Mariana Rodriguez, "The Effect of Perceptions of Crime and Economic Well-being On Chávez's Popularity"

3/18/10: Jason Husser, "Polarized Religion: The Political Sorting of American Churches"

3/25/10: John Hudak, "Presidential Influence Over Federal Grants"

3/25/10: Mason Moseley, "The Normalization of a Contentious Repertoire: The Determinants of Protest Participation in Argentina"

3/31/10: Stacy Clifford, "Indispensable Idiocy: Disability in the Development of John Locke's Thought"

3/31/10: Liz Norell, "Disagreement All Around: The Role of Dissents to Denials of Certiorari"

4/9/10: Jennifer Anderson, "Prime Time Politics: Television News and the Visual Framing of War''



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