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General Policy and Procedures for Repairs, Maintenance, Renovation and Other Changes to University Buildings and Grounds
To establish a policy and define procedures for making campus repairs or changes and identifying responsibility for approval and payment.
The Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Operations is responsible for all activities involving maintenance, repairs, small to medium construction projects to buildings, campus grounds, sidewalks, streets and utilities, whether work is done by Plant Operations personnel, contract, or by a department, regardless of funding source.

Institutional Services are services provided by the Department of Plant Operations: They include:

  1. Maintenance of all University grounds areas.

  2. Minor maintenance of exterior and interior of buildings.

  3. Campus sidewalks.

  4. Lighting of buildings and grounds, which includes replacement of fixtures that are part of the building.

  5. Maintenance of drinking fountains.

  6. Minor maintenance of air conditioning.

  7. Snow removal from campus walks and streets.

  8. Painting of building exteriors and interiors in common or public areas on a regular maintenance schedule (except housing).

  9. Complete custodial services in interior of buildings as outlined in the Custodial Performance Standards Manual.

  10. Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers in campus buildings.

  11. Plumbing services including sewer system and maintenance of drains from drain traps.

  12. Utilities services to tables or equipment or to the basic electrical disconnect or shut-off valve that services the equipment.

  13. Minor repairs which do no fall into departmental or other jurisdiction.

  14. Elevator maintenance contracts.

  15. Contract trash removal.

  16. Pest control contracts.

  17. Window cleaning contracts.

All services requested beyond those supplied by Plant Operations will normally be paid by a department and requested with the properly completed requisition form unless otherwise designated. Repairs, replacements, or services of the following nature will require formal departmental request and will be billed to the department.
  1. Light fixtures not a part of the building and special lights, such as desk lamps.

  2. Installation of department equipment.

  3. Painting not part of the regular schedule (departmental space).

  4. Trash removal beyond normal items and frequency, heavy or bulky materials, or excessive amounts.

  5. Carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning that is contracted from off-campus vendors (separate billing not needed for carpet cleaning performed by Building Services).

  6. Plumbing services to the drain trap.

  7. Utilities to equipment, table or shut-off valve.

  8. Other equipment or furnishings on department inventory.

  9. Department owned and/or controlled equipment.

  10. Pest control above and beyond the scope of the exiting contract.

  11. Fire extinguishers discharged by students.

  12. Custodial services for special events.

  13. Grounds services for special events.

For the purpose of this policy, renovation and remodeling is defined physically changing the dimensions, purpose and/or other major characteristics of a room or area. The requester has three options: firm bid, time and material, or sub-contracting by Plant Operations.
  1. Requests may be initiated by individual departments, by Plant Operations as regular maintenance for safety or other requirements, or by a college to meet and maintain academic standards.

  2. Approval to remodel any area in a building shall be requested, using the proper form through the appropriate Department Head, Dean, Vice-Chancellor or Provost to the Work Management Center.

  3. Before approval by the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Operations, the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Campus Planning, Construction, and Environmental Safety will review the project to determine if it is feasible and compatible with the building structure and the overall campus plan.

  4. After approval, the requesting department will proceed as follows:

    1. Submit their proposal to Renovation and Small Construction Projects for development of plans and specifications, including specifications on grounds use and repair.

    2. Renovation and Small Construction Projects will then prepare an estimate of labor and materials and schedule project.

    3. The estimate of labor and materials will be presented in writing with two options, firm bid or time and materials.

  5. If the requesting department has obtained approval from the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Operations to have work done by an outside contractor, the following procedure shall be followed:

    1. After approval by the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Operations, the requesting department will submit their proposal to the Renovation and Small Construction Projects for plans and specifications and, in addition, must request that the work be performed by outside contractor.

    2. Renovation and Small Construction Projects will solicit competitive bids following standard University procedures.

    3. Following bid closing, Renovation and Small Construction Projects will submit bid responses to the requester for review and approval.

    4. Renovation and Small Construction Projects will act as contract administrators and perform field inspections to assure proper job performance by the contractor.

    5. If, after requesting that a project be contracted out, the requesting department rejects all bids, the following options are available:

      1. The project may be canceled.

      2. The requesting department may request the project be revised, planned and bid again.

      3. Plant Operations will complete the project on a time and material basis. No firm bid option will be offered.

      4. All Grounds Projects including volunteer groups desiring to contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the University campus shall request approval of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Operations.

        Capital Improvement Projects shall be submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning, Construction, and Environmental Safety. Such requests require review and approval of the University Administration.