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General Policy and Procedures for Damages to Grounds and Buildings
To establish a policy and define responsibility of users for buildings and grounds in restoring areas as they were before damage or use.
The Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Operations is responsible for providing buildings and grounds in good condition for the University Community. However, when facilities or grounds are damaged during events, construction, or deliveries, costs of repairs are to be charged to the responsible group, organization, vendor, etc.
  1. To define financial responsibility for damages to grounds or buildings caused by users.

    1. Access routes to buildings and events on grounds will be established by Plant Operations.

    2. Any damage to buildings, floors, walls, ceilings will be repaired by Plant Operations and reimbursed by the department or those sponsoring the event.

    3. Any damages to grounds, sidewalks, signage, light poles, utilities, sprinklers, trees, flowers, bushes, shrubs, bollards, trash containers, or other exterior appurtenances will be repaired by Plant Operations and reimbursed by the department or those sponsoring the event.

    4. Location of tents, portable toilets, beverage trucks and any other service vehicles will be coordinated through Plant Operations.

    5. No vehicles will be allowed to park or drive on the grounds unless approved by Plant Operations.

    6. All service vendors are to be properly issued insurance and have current certificates on file with Risk Management.

  2. Construction

    1. During construction or renovation, all trees, sidewalks, landscape and utilities will be protected; construction or renovation budgets will be assessed for any damages.

    2. Any equipment, material, etc., that needs to be staged on the ground surface will be placed on plywood or similar material approved by Plant Operations Grounds. However, this provision is intended to lessen the scope of surface area damaged and does not eliminate the contractor?ǨѢs financial responsibility for damages within the staged areas.