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General Policy and Procedures and Regulations for Special Use of Vanderbilt University Buildings and Grounds
To establish appropriate rules and regulations that will define commitment of user and University in the course of using University facilities; provide accessibility to facilities by authorized groups without disruption to regular academic programs; provide for safety and comfort of participants and those in surrounding areas; ensure protection of buildings, grounds, and equipment; and to conserve energy.
University facilities are generally available for use by authorized groups for activities that complement teaching, research, and service programs of the University. The use of buildings and grounds for other than regularly scheduled academic classes and functions will be considered special, and will be subject to these guidelines.

Scheduling of University buildings and grounds will be approved only for a group, on-campus or off-campus, that is recognized by the University or is sponsored through a University department or unit. The using group s membership make-up, as designated by the University or the sponsoring department, will be part of the criteria in making scheduling and fee charge decisions. Groups shall be composed of at least 50% Vanderbilt University students, faculty or staff. The Deputy Provost may request further verification of eligibility, if deemed necessary. University facilities are NOT available for private use. Faculty sponsors or sponsoring departments, or units and requesting groups, will be responsible for their group s activities and conduct during the event and prompt payment of expenses incurred. Sponsors have an obligation to contact the Plant Operations Director of General Services before final decisions are made on use of grounds for tents, routes of trucks across irrigated lawns and other potentially damaging activities.

Abuse of use regulations may result in restricted or withdrawn privileges.

All requests will be approved in accordance with University regulations concerning use of Vanderbilt facilities. Using groups may be required to sign a waiver of liability, and any necessary documentation requested by the Deputy Provost.