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General Policy for Authorizing and Issuing Vanderbilt University Keys
To establish procedures for responsibility, eligibility, and approval to carry Vanderbilt University keys.
All keys are the property of Vanderbilt University. Each department head or other designated administrator is responsible for the security of all assigned areas. The Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Plant Operations is directly responsible for equipment rooms and closets. Eligibility to obtain a key is determined by the appropriate department head or administrator the area is assigned to. All keys – except for individual room keys controlled by a department, outside door keys of the building in which department functions are housed, or other special departmental keys – require approval of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Plant Operations.
  1. 1. Each department head will sign all key requisitions for keys within their area of assignment.

  2. 2. An approval signature and/or initialing of signature stamps, which is other than the responsible department head, must be authorized in writing. Such delegation of authority shall be renewed at the beginning of each fall term or at any time the designated authorization ceases.

  3. 3. Key Requisition forms are available to department offices from Procurement and Disbursement Services.

  4. 4. The requisition form must be completely filled out with all requested information and properly signed before presenting to Service and Information Systems. Key requisition forms may be sent through campus mail.

  5. 5. Requests for building master keys or 5001 keys are processed the same as for a regular key, but, in addition, must be signed by the department head or designated administrator. Exceptional need must exist for this approval. Requests to remove locks from master key system must be signed by Vice-Chancellor for Administration.

  6. 6. To replace lost or stolen keys, the above procedures are required and the key requisition is to state it is a replacement request. If re-keying is needed to obtain security, the department responsible for the keys will pay for this change.

Building Systems Control (BSC) will keep a master building key to all buildings on file. The keys will be audited annually (in July) to verify all keys are present.

All keys should be returned to Key Room (in the Cogeneration Plant building) when the need no longer exists for them and must be returned when the holder terminates association with the University in order to be properly cleared.

Department heads should carefully consider all requests for keys in order to secure and protect University personnel and property.