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VU-Plant Operations Zone 1

Manager – Mike Meadows


Lead – Robert Dodd


Zone Maintenance Overview

The five maintenance zones incorporate the four skilled trades into geographic areas of responsibility based on building locations, size, and maintenance requirements. Within each zone, the following is provided:

Carpentry includes a variety of services, including general maintenance tasks such as:

  • repair, adjustment, and replacement of doors
  • repair and replacement of windows, glass and screens
  • repair, replacement, and installation of ceiling and floor tile
  • repair, constructing and assembling of furniture, custom cabinets
  • mirror installation and replacement
  • bulletin board installation
  • general carpentry maintenance services
  • roof repairs
  • masonry work (outsourced)
  • remodeling, dry wall repair and replacement
  • interior and exterior painting
  • stain doors, door frames, etc.
  • monitor contract services
  • services for special events

Electric, in addition to maintaining the campus electric infrastructure, covers a range of electrical services including:

  • rewiring
  • light bulb replacement
  • wiring, maintenance and repair of life safety systems
  • campus security lighting
  • monitor contract services
  • services for special events

Utility Rooms:   Plant Operations restricts access to electrical and mechanical rooms to its employees and others under Plant Operations supervision. State and local fire codes prohibit storage of materials in these rooms.

Light Bulbs:   Typically, Plant Operations staff replaces building light bulbs and fluorescent tubes at no charge. However, for any light fixtures replacement at requiring specialized equipment, the customer may incur charges. To have a light replaced, please call SIS at 322-9675.

HVAC (i.e., Heating and Air Conditioning Repair) includes:

  • maintenance and repair services on any equipment, device, part, mechanism or system that may control, change or produce any type of temperature fluctuation
  • install all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems on all main campus facilities
  • monitor contract services
  • services for special events
  • assess the need for major systems replacement
  • manage and oversee HAR related projects

Plumbing covers installation, maintenance and repair of all main campus facilities plumbing systems, such as:

  • repair and maintenance of pipe and valve leaks
  • repair, replacement and maintenance of plumbing fixtures
  • maintain all domestic cold and hot water systems
  • perform fire extinguishers recurring inspections
  • inspect for gas leaks
  • repair, replacement and maintenance of backflow preventers
  • maintain fire suppression systems
  • water conservation fixtures installation projects
  • general plumbing projects
  • monitor contract services
  • services for special events

Zone 1 Building List
1025 16th Ave
1202 18th Ave
1801 Edgehill
East House
Gillette House
North House
West House
Hank Ingram House
Stambaugh House
Sutherland House
Crawford House
Memorial House
Murray House
Peabody Residence
The Ingram Commons
Hill Center
Peabody Maintenance
Maintenance Shop
Home Economics
Home Economics Greenhouse
Jesup Psychology
Hobbs HDL
Wyatt Center
Cohen Memorial
Peabody Administration
Peabody Library
One Magnolia Circle
English Language Center
Library Annex
Library Annex Rear

Zone 1 Map