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VU-Plant Operations Vehicle Shop


Robert West – Mechanic
Joe Schultz – Mechanic

Hours of Operation

Shop hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Plant Operations Vehicle Shop is responsible for the maintenance, emissions testing and licensing for a fleet of over 300 vehicles owned by various Campus and Medical Center departments. This fleet includes small passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, buses, and golf carts used for intra-campus travel. The Shop also maintains a self-service fuel station at the Chestnut Street Warehouse that is accessible 24/7 to departments with key authorization.

Routine and emergency maintenance are handled by the Vehicle Shop either using in-house resources or by outsourcing to reliable service suppliers. Routine services include preventive maintenance, brakes, tires, tune-ups, emission testing, general mechanical work, computer diagnostics, electrical repairs, etc.

Emergency services include roadside assistance for dead batteries, flat tires, electrical failures, mechanical failures, etc. Outsourced services include major engine, transmission, exhaust, body shop, glass, air conditioning, front end alignment, etc.

In addition to providing mechanic services, shop personnel ensure that vehicle insurance coverage is in place and that documentation of coverage is kept in all Plant Operations’ vehicles.

Shop personnel perform inventory control of all university-owned vehicles, as well as parts and equipment. They stay abreast of vehicle safety recalls to ensure that any relevant recalls are addressed in a timely manner. Shop personnel control all automotive services involving sub-contractors, dealerships, factory warranties and recalls. They oversee the transfer and disposition of vehicles for all departments and coordinate a sealed bid process when a vehicle is sold from surplus.

The Vehicle Shop ensures that Federal and local EPA requirements are met concerning the underground storage tanks, gasoline dispensing facility, the waste oil recycle program and the disposal of hazardous waste material from the shop.