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VU-Plant Operations Storeroom


Terry Haley — Manager
Tony Council — Materials Coordinator
Matt Pusti — Materials Coordinator
Georgia Lovelace — Materials Coordinator
Kyle Zimmerman — Expediter

With three full-time material coordinators and one full-time expediter, the Storeroom strives to meet and, whenever possible, to exceed customer service expectations.

Hours of Operation

Storeroom hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Storeroom access is also available for after-hours emergencies through Building Systems Control.


Plant Operations Storeroom was relocated from the basement of the old Hill Center on Peabody campus to its current location in the Chestnut Street warehouse in January 2005. A part of the Chestnut building previously used for general storage was renovated with two levels of state-of-the-art modular drawers and shelving for inventory housing and bar-coding for inventory management.

It was in this same timeframe that the Storeroom began to move away from the old “push” method of inventory management and to capitalize on suppliers’ willingness to support a “pull” method. Through this process, the average on-site inventory value was reduced from $1mm to $450,000.

Storeroom personnel can purchase a broad selection of items, from a flashlight battery to an air handler. The Storeroom maintains a catalog of 4,600 parts in stock and has the ability to find and purchase parts from anywhere in the world. The Storeroom’s annual spend is approximately one million dollars which includes the parts and supplies issued to craftsmen for maintaining buildings on Vanderbilt campus central and assisting with special events such as Commencement.

Stock level accuracy and inventory integrity is monitored via monthly cycle counts to minimize errors and emphasize the importance of using our systems and other business tools to track activity.