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Cogeneration Plant Photos

Gas Plant Air Compressor Fitters Gas Plant Air Compressor Fitters
Gas Plant Battery Backup Gas Plant Battery Backup -  low voltage back-up system used for fire suppression and lube oil emergency trip
Gas Plant Boilers HRSG Gas Plant Boilers HRSG -  used to produce steam for medical center and campus
Gas Plant Boilers Gas Plant Boilers -  used to produce steam
Gas Plant Cabinet Gas Plant Cabinet - houses electronic controls for the turbines
Gas Plant Diverter Gas Plant Diverter - diverts turbine exhaust to the atmosphere or to the boiler
Gas Plant Feedwater Lines Gas Plant Feedwater Lines - supplies water to the boilers
Gas Plant Reducing Gear Gas Plant Reducing Gear - reduces high speed RPM's 16665 to 1800 RPM's for generator use
Gas Plant Softener for Tunnel Water System Gas Plant Softener for Tunnel Water System - used for water make up throughout the plant for #2 cooling tower  
Gas Plant Stacks Oil Coolers Gas Plant Stacks Oil Coolers - used for turbine bearing cooling, gear reduction bearing cooling, and generator bearing cooling
Gas Plant Switch Gear Gas Plant Switch Gear - main disconnect buckets for turbine generator and gear box equipment
Gas Plant Turbine Gas Plant Turbine - energy from the turbine is used to produce steam and electricity which is cogeneration